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Andex Gets The Full Package With Sage 500 ERP

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Sage 500 ERP Case StudyAre you tired of your old and outdated ERP system that hasn’t been upgraded since pre-2008?

Has your business changed since your ERP system was first implemented?

Are you fed up with your ERP system, because it no longer operates the way your business does?

Have you been trapped by the word “customizable”?

Your business has changed. Now more than ever, there is a need for reliable, productive, and “customizable ERP systems” that can keep up with the pace of your business.  Too often the term “customize” is used when it actually doesn’t apply.  Sure, certain areas of ERP may actually be configurable, but not specifically customizable to the unique needs of your business.  You need an ERP system that is as unique as your business is.

Sage 500 ERP provides a solution for mid-market manufacturers looking for a better ERP system.

For example, one company, Andex, has adopted and adapted to Sage 500 ERP and has never looked back.

Here is their story:

While Andex Industries may not be a household name, its products can be found in most every American household. Since 1961, Andex has been manufacturing the consumer product packaging that protects and promotes thousands of popular items, from batteries and tape to toys and toothbrushes. The company works continually to improve the quality and consistency of its products, with the goal of meeting the high expectations of its diverse customer base. The business management solution Andex uses to achieve its goals is Sage 500 ERP.*

 A Winning Solution

When the company looked to replace its aging system of custom programs, legacy applications, and industry-specific software running on an AS/400 platform, it hired an independent consultant to help.

“There are a lot of choices available to a mid-market manufacturer like us,” explains Sue Frisk, information systems and technology manager for Andex. “We wanted an integrated application to replace the separate programs we had been using. We needed one with built-in functionality and flexibility so that we would not have to hire a programmer just to customize it to meet our requirements.”

Andex evaluated five packages and their consultant arranged demonstrations of Sage 500 ERP and Made2Manage. “Only Sage incorporated all the functionality we need, including planning and scheduling, credit card processing, business monitoring and alerts, core accounting, plus payroll and human resource management,” explains John Anthony, president of Andex. “And Sage has an established reputation and is a highly regarded company.”

Flexible Manufacturing Functionality

Both Andex and its sister company, Anthony & Co., run on Sage 500 ERP. Between the two companies there are three separate divisions that each requires different functionality from the software. “It is great to have all the operations running on one platform yet each configured to work the way we work,” notes Frisk. “We have both make-to-order and make-to-stock operations and they run differently. Sage 500 ERP gives us the functionality we need to suit both types of manufacturing.”

“The ability to run both our companies with one ERP application means our employees are already cross-trained and can move between companies as needed,” explains Anthony. “Leveraging our employee resources in this way saves us time and money and keeps production moving.”

Anthony understands the importance of staff buy-in with an implementation such as this. “Our staff did a fantastic job of embracing the new system and understanding the critical role of that information plays in our business,” he says.

Andex utilizes the Sage 500 ERP Estimating module to accurately bid its projects, accounting for materials, labor, outside processing, as well as overhead rates and one-time charges for tooling and engineering. “Accurate estimating is very important to us, as every project is unique, and we need to ensure its profitability,” says Frisk.

Easy Data Access

The SQL database platform of Sage 500 ERP makes it simple for Andex Industries to generate sophisticated queries and reports. “We are able to add tables to the database to track unique data elements and then include those on reports and queries,” explains Frisk. ”It is a big advantage to us and does not affect the product’s code base.”

Streamline Order Fulfillment

Customer service, order fulfillment, and manufacturing times are improved thanks to the efficiencies Sage 500 ERP delivers. “With Sage 500 ERP we have several advantages that have enabled us to speed our turnaround time,” says Anthony. “The Credit Card Processing module enables us to preauthorize an order while we are still on the phone with a customer, eliminating the need to call a customer back if there’s a problem with the card. Plus we have real-time visibility into our inventory status, so we can tell a customer instantly if what they want is in stock and if not, when we expect it to be available.”

Gain the Big Picture and the Details

“A big benefit of our use of Sage 500 ERP is that we have access to the smallest details about our operation without losing the big picture,” notes Anthony. “For example, I can get a snapshot of the monthly sales numbers and a detailed report of the profitability of each item. I can see total expenses for last month and drill down to identify each number that makes up that total. As president, this is vital information that enables me to make quicker and better informed decisions.”

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