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Acumatica Screens Not Loading in Google Chrome Version 76

By August 6, 2019August 7th, 2019No Comments

Acumatica users may have encountered a recent error when working through the latest stable release of Google Chrome, Version 76 – a newly added feature in the browser prevents screens in Acumatica from displaying any data, as seen in the image above. The July 30 update to Chrome 76 enabled “lazy loading” as a default feature, which assigns a load order to webpage assets according to need. Lazy loading is intended to prevent non-critical page resources from slowing down the speed at which your webpage loads, so it effectively stops off-page items (i.e. images) from fully loading until they are required.

Users with auto-updates enabled in their Chrome browser will likely be affected by this issue if on the following versions of Acumatica:

  • 6.1, all builds
  • 2017R2, all builds
  • 2018R1 Update 21 (18.121.0009) and earlier
  • 2018R2 Update 14 (18.214.0014) and earlier
  • 2019R1 Update 7 (19.107.0023) and earlier

Acumatica 2019R2 Beta version is not affected by the issue.

Those users accessing Acumatica through Google Chrome Version 76 will at this time be required to use a different browser or apply the following workaround:

  1. Type chrome://flags/ in the browser address bar and press Enter
  2. Find Enable lazy frame loading section
  3. Select Disabled
  4. Restart the browser

The following versions of Acumatica have also been updated with solutions, and users may upgrade to remove the bug:

  • 2018R1 Update 21 Hotfix (18.121.0010) build
  • 2018R2 Update 15 (18.215.0021) build
  • 2019R1 Update 8 (19.108.0017) build

Please Contact SWK if you have any questions.

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