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7 Reasons to Consider DataSelf Analytics with Your Initial ERP Investment

By March 1, 2023March 7th, 2023No Comments

DataSelf Analytics

Why a Delayed Decision to Implement Analytics Software Could Cost You More

With your new Sage 100, Sage Intacct, or Acumatica ERP, you can finally organize all your disparate business data into a single solution. This means you can finally achieve comprehensive insight into your company’s health and progress.

But… how do you access all that insight?

Many business leaders choose to boost an ERP investment with a robust business intelligence (BI) or DataSelf Analytics Software, which makes it easy to extract data automatically from the ERP and transform it into beautiful, actionable dashboards.

Considering the cost of an ERP investment, leaders often decide that they want to get their ERP implementation finished before making decisions about add-on solutions.

In some cases, this makes sense. After all, the point of a modern ERP is to have a flexible, scalable solution that evolves with you as your needs change. In other cases, delaying this decision results in extra expenditures. Waiting on analytics software can fall into the latter category.

Here are 7 reasons why including DataSelf Analytics Software with your initial ERP investment delivers time and cost-saving benefits

  1. Simplifies data migrations. DataSelf analytics software enables the blending of “old” and “new” ERP data for faster, easier data lookup and custom report creation. Without DataSelf, finding or classifying old data can be difficult.
  2. Meets 90% of analytics needs on Day 1. Companies wanting to recoup their fastest ROI can hit the ground running by deriving insight from their data immediately using a library of 8,000+ reports and dashboards.
  3. Empowers you to use data your way. Featuring dynamic charts, drill-down, selective grouping, and geographic mapping, DataSelf delivers the necessary flexibility you need to generate eye-catching reports and dashboards that lead to faster, more confident decisions.
  4. Generates projections effortlessly. DataSelf projects future behavior, such as stock shortages, to predict how future scenarios could play out. Instead of running a variety of reports and calculations in your ERP, you can ask, “Do I have enough stock if sales increase by 15%?” and get an accurate answer within seconds.
  5. Frees up IT time for strategic work. IT staff labor-hours are expensive, yet a lot of their time must be spent generating or tweaking ERP reports. By empowering end-users to create their own reports with plain-English natural language query and a Google-like search engine, you can utilize your IT staff for higher-value activities.
  6. Shaves minutes off each report. Existing reports can be slow to run in an ERP, which hampers productivity and throttles the pace of work. DataSelf’s powerful ETL+ technology optimizes reports’ runtime to generate most reports in less than 10 seconds, so your organization can keep humming along.
  7. Provides enterprise-wide insight. DataSelf combines data from multiple apps, including your ERP, CRM, and Excel to permit high-level awareness that crosses departments to encompass the entire enterprise. Combining DataSelf’s ETL+ technology with Tableau or Power BI offers lightning-fast enterprise-wide insight that native ERP tools simply do not have.

Are You Curious Whether DataSelf Analytics Would Benefit Your Company? Find Out.

Analytics software can provide big benefits to companies needing faster insight, more flexible tools, and a peek into future projections. Would your organization profit from these capabilities? As you talk to your ERP partner about the ERP implementation process, ask them to estimate whether simultaneously implementing DataSelf analytics software would significantly boost your ROI.

After all, it can’t hurt to at least ask.

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