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6 Ways Nectari Offers Better Business Intelligence

By March 12, 2014No Comments

Nectari business intelligence SWK TechPlanning business growth is hard, especially when you don’t have the right tools to see what your company’s strengths and weaknesses are. If you’re using an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), you enter a lot of data into your system all the time—and Nectari integrates with your ERP to provide you with the exact information you want, exactly when and where you want it.

1. It fits your research style

Nectari’s powerful interface allows you to look at information the way that you like looking at it. If you’re a numbers person, you can look at the numbers of your operation. If you like pictures, such as charts or graphs, you can look at those. If you’re like me and you like a picture overview, with the ability to look at detailed numbers, Nectari offers that, too.

2. You can see any information you want

Do you have one of those business intelligence solutions that only provide you with sales data? That’s not true business intelligence, it’s sales intelligence. With Nectari, you can see the detailed information for every aspect of your company, no matter what you’re curious about.

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3. It has complete mobile functionality

The days of sitting at your desk all day, every day are dead. With Nectari, you can access every single piece of detailed data, as well as every single chart and graph, no matter where you are. The program runs beautifully on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and more.

4. You can zoom in on ANYTHING to get details

Like dashboards? Me too. Nectari has a beautiful, customizable dashboard that gives you a great overall view, and you can drill down into that data, just by clicking on it. When you want to know what products aren’t performing well, Nectari highlights those products for you using an easy color-coding system, and with a simple click or tap, you can see the details for that information.

5. It follows your schedule

Are you too busy to hunt through your business intelligence system on a regular basis? Need everyone on a team to see updated data before a meeting or planning session? With Nectari, you can schedule reports to auto-send when you or your team needs them. The up-to-date, real-time reports will arrive in your or your co-workers inboxes right on time.

6. It’s multi-lingual

If you run offices in China or Germany (or pretty much anywhere else), you can change your system or reporting language to reflect the primary language of your overseas employees. You can even schedule multi-lingual, scheduled emails overseas.

See What Nectari Can Do for You

March 26, 2014

2:00 p.m. Eastern Time

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