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2 Types of Business Protection—Which One Do You Have?

By March 15, 2014No Comments

McAfee SaaS Web and Email Security SWK TechYour business is under attack. Right now. This very second. Really, take a second to look up from your screen. Do you see the threat? You probably see your employees somewhere in your line of vision, and since you run your company well, everyone you see is working hard. Look! There’s one of your employees leaning back in her chair with a look of accomplishment—you know that she’s just finished that huge project and has emailed it off for review. Oh, and there’s another employee of yours—he’s standing on the shop floor below you, sending the updated labor schedule to accounting for review. And of course, here you are, looking up information on the Web to make your business run faster and smoother. All your employees (and you) are doing exactly what has been assigned… so where’s the threat?

It’s in the Internet.

There are two types of businesses protection, one that overcomes the threat of the Internet every single day, and one that is slowly losing control. Which one do you have?

Business #1: The Employee-Based Business Protection Solution

This protection solution bases security on the knowledge that since well-chosen employees can use a computer, those employees also have the highly technical knowledge to accurately avoid opening email or Web pages that contain spam, viruses, worms, phishing scams, or other fraudulent information. This protection solution relies on employees to use that email knowledge 100% of the time, on every email, and on every Web page. Companies who use this type of protection trust that they won’t be involved in any of the massive virus attacks that sweep the Internet, and they are pretty sure that their systems haven’t been co-opted into the zombie army because their employees all know how to manage a firewall.

Business #2: The Software-Based Business Protection Solution

This protection solution relies on McAfee’s award-winning, secure, cloud-based security service for email and Web safety. The businesses who use this protection solution know their employees are great and trustworthy people, but that people, just like the weather, can be really unpredictable, and that automated email and Web protection with in-cloud threat filtering provides around-the-clock, error-free security for all their data, all the time.

Which type of company are you? 

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