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Track Your Key Business Indicators: Sage ERP X3 Dashboards

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Key Business Indicators - Sage ERP X3Sage ERP X3 helps make your business decisions easier by providing you with dashboards that enable you to see what’s going on inside your business at a glance. The easy access to accurate information helps you spot issues before they become problems and helps to improve your insight into your business, so you can make informed decisions about its future growth. Take advantage of the individualized design and evaluation options to consolidate the latest information in your enterprise and make faster, better-informed decisions at all levels.

Focus on the decision to be made, not on the tools that help make it

Track your key business indicators in real-time and? focus on exceptions?.  Sage ERP X3 offers user-defined dashboards that provide actionable, up-to-the-minute graphical representations of key statistical information. It enables users to monitor the relevant indicators for their activity in real-time and focus on anomalies.

General or detailed information appears in the form of graphs, tables, or organized in a calendar, with links that make it possible to follow the entire security audit trail back to the information details. In case of an unusual event or level of activity, it takes no more than a click on the given indicator to move back by successive zoom operations to the detailed information or the original document explaining the result to make a well-informed decision. Research that used to require several hours, and sometimes the involvement of several people, is now accessible in a few clicks.

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