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See It for Yourself: Receiving in Accellos WMS

By November 13, 2014May 12th, 2020No Comments

Want to know how Accellos WMS can help your warehouse?

Watch the video below to learn how Accellos can:

  1. Accurately inventory stock that is being received so that you always know your inventory-on-hand
  2. Bring stock to your pick line as efficiently as possible

Consistency Is Key

When you have a lack of consistency between vendor items and carton-level markings, a lot can go wrong. Accellos cuts down on inventory errors that arise from:

  • Vendor barcode adoption standards
  • Container content/packing variations
  • Quality inspection scheduling
  • Special or back-order item priority processing

Accellos simplifies complexity in the receiving process to show you what you need to know about your inbound orders and their statuses.

Watch the video below to see for yourself how you can receive inbound items into your warehouse in the most efficient manner possible.


This video includes information about:

  • Mobile device receiving
  • Wave receiving (receiving multiple purchase orders at one time)
  • Eliminating errors in your receiving process
  • Simple label printing
  • Storage selection options
  • Lot tracking
  • Audit trails
  • …and more

Learn more about Workspace and Analytics in these other great videos about Accellos WMS.

Get detailed information about Accellos WMS

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