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Sage ERP X3 for Life Science Manufacturers

By April 4, 2013September 28th, 2018No Comments

In order to stay competitive in this fast paced business environment, it is necessary to invest in a comprehensive ERP system to help streamline day-to-day business processes to  run more efficiently.  As discussed in our previous blog articles, Sage ERP X3 is a simple-to-use global solution that brings all the functionality needed in an ERP solution.  Some of the many functions include the typical accounting and finance functions, sales management, purchasing management, manufacturing management and many more.  Sage ERP X3 can bring advantages to businesses across various industries.  In the previous blog post we focused on X3 for food and beverage manufacturers.  The following blog post will continue the mini-series detailing what makes Sage ERP X3 a great solution for life science manufacturers.

Life Sciences Manufacturers

Dealing with regulatory requirements and strictly enforced inspections is a necessary component of being a life sciences manufacturer.   In addition there is the added complexity of ensuring that your products conform to quality standards and meet the demands of customers.

Sage ERP X3 is built to address these complexities in addition to any other challenges that you may face.  This fully integrated and cost-effective solution enables you to manage your business better than ever before, providing an immediate impact and measurable ROI results you can see.

Streamline operations:

Support singular functional integration, multiple manufacturing modes, and advanced workflow, with a process-oriented user interface. Enhance collaboration with support for multicompany, multisite, multicountry, multilegislation and language built in.

Improve Process and batch manufacturing:

Automate management of formulas, weight calculations and potency management. Support production of discrete units in configure-to-order, make-to-order, assemble-to-order or make-to-stock environments.

Make the best decisions possible:

Increase business insight with real-time analytics and extensive traceability and auditing tools for compliance with FDA regulations, such as CFR 21 Part 11.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency:

Speed up implementation, reduce training, and gain ease of administration and maintenance.

Conduct inspections and rigorously enforce them:

Throughout the production and packaging process, automatically quarantine suspicious or substandard items for further inspection or disposal.

Increase flexibility and scalability:

Implement multi-tier architecture that deploys domestically in less than 35 days, supports international expansion in less than eight weeks, and easily scales to thousands of users.

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