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Sage ERP X3 Customer On Hold And Order Held: How To Release Order?

By November 13, 2013No Comments

When you have an order held in Sage ERP X3 due to a Customer On Hold, how do you release the order?

Here’s how:

There are two hold status flags on the sales order.   One is a true Credit Hold status if the customer is flagged on the customer file as Credit Hold.

Customer file:



Order Credit Status if the customer is set to Hold:




If the customer is on credit hold, an order can be released without changing the customer’s credit status by checking the release flag on the Delivery tab of the sales order.  This allows for a single order to be processed.




The Credit status of the order changes to “OK”, allowing allocation and shipping of the order.



The other method to use is a US version add-on to allow the customer service person to place an order on hold manually regardless of whether the customer is on credit hold or not, but the order needs to be held for release for whatever reason.



If the order is on hold, you can release the order by clicking on the lock.  A confirmation message will display to release the order.   The hold status will be changed to “ok”.



If the order is not on hold, you can click the lock to place the order on hold, and it will ask you for a reason code and will place the order on hold.  There can be multiple reasons setup as to why an order can be placed on hold, and it can control allocations and release of the order.  This is Misc. table 204, see below.




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