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Is Life Better After Sage ERP X3?

By March 4, 2013No Comments

It’s often difficult to quantify if it makes sense for your business to initially implement or to change your ERP system.  There’s the expense of the software and the consultants’ time. There’s training time for your employees when they’re not “productive”. And, the benefits are often nebulous.

Ernst and Young investigated this quandary. Between May and June in 2009, Ernst and Young surveyed 250 companies.  Sage ERP X3 was the first ERP system implemented by two thirds of the companies and all of the companies were using X3 for at least two years before the survey was taken.  They represent mid-market companies from all business areas.

Reasons why they chose Sage ERP X3:

  • Functional range
  • Ability to adapt or add new functionality specific to need
  • Simple to use
  • Improved Management Processes
  • Reduction in operating costs

How has Sage ERP X3 faired according to the survey?

Improvement of Management Processes:

The survey showed that 72% of the companies found that their management processes had improved since they started using Sage ERP X3.  82% of these found that their management processes had improved by 5% or greater.  These improvements come from use of appropriate tools for reporting and support for decision making.

Sage ERP X3 Survey

Cost Reduction:

  • Over 10% gain in processing time, in the case of 34% of companies interviewed
  • Over 10% gain in drawing up financial statements, in the case of 29% of clients
  • Over 5% fewer IT problems, in the case of 57% of companies
  • Over 5% more automation, in the case of 69% of customers

Sage ERP X3 Survey

The improvement of management processes and the reduction of costs were just some of the many ways in which Sage ERP X3 went beyond expectations.  This just shows why life is better after Sage ERP X3.


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Graphs and Statistics courtesy of Sage ERP X3 – Performance Survey by Ernst and Young

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