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Hoya Vision Care Sees Business Clearly With Sage ERP X3

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Sage ERP X3 Case StudyBusiness is a game of import and export.  You receive goods, and you use them to make products to fulfill orders, and then you ship them out.  But there has to be some sort of equilibrium between the amount to order and the amount you sell.  This is a problem that many businesses face: inventory management issues.  Hoya Vision Care was looking for improved software that could help them be more efficient in the future.

Here is their story:

Hoya Vision Care of the Americas is a Lewisville, TX-based manufacturer and distributor of high-quality eye-care products and services. The company supplies a complete range of lens designs, coatings, and materials to eye care professionals located within the United States, Canada, and South American countries. With extensive experience, knowledge, and state-of-the-art technology, Hoya developed its own lens materials, lens designs, and coating techniques.

The Implementation

 Hoya required a quick implementation to support increasing order volumes—both sales orders from its labs and purchase order receipts from the Far East—consisting of thousands of line items.  To achieve this goal, the company’s implementation team took an ownership role in the process.

“We are the experts in our business,” says Black. “In order to be sure we got what we needed from the system and to ensure that we could be self-sufficient in the future, we had to take ownership of the implementation. ”

Committed to their role in the installation and following the Sage implementation methodology, in only four months, Hoya implemented Sage ERP X3’s:

  • Order fulfillment
  • Inventory management
  • Purchasing
  • Advanced warehousing
  • Data collection function

The company is also making use of specialized functions for identifying products (based on optical lens style and power) and performing landed cost calculations.


Since the installation, Hoya has doubled its customer base and increased its inventory by 500,000 pieces.

Prior to the implementation, Hoya’s average piece variance was between 12,000 and 18,000 of a 1.5 million-piece inventory. Currently, with the ability to automatically decrement inventory, this rate is 600 of 2 million.

“We have far better control than before,” says Black.

The company has increased availability of business information as Sage ERP X3 provides it with real-time indicators and enables the team to create their own reports. And the open technology enables them to add their own features without a large IT staff.

“We’re very happy with Sage ERP X3,” concluded Black. “With few configurations, we feel like we’ve hit a home run.”

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