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Electronic Document Management – version 6.5

By November 27, 2012No Comments

Electronic Document Management (EDM), a new feature available in Sage ERP X3 version 6.5 adds document management functionality as another reason to switch ERP solutions. The new fully integrated EDM module allows users to extend beyond system generated documents to have more control over document flow including management and distribution through email or fax. It also provides the functionality to manage all documents (system or user generated) inside the ERP system without having to connect to third party applications for support.

Additionally, EDM allows users to capture, view, edit and attach documents related to information stored in your ERP software. As paper documents are received, you can scan them using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanner, and add them to the system. Once added documents are indexed using document numbers and keywords, and automatically associated with related records. This new indexing feature makes it easy to search or documents at a later date.  All documents can be securely accessed through the Sage ERP X3 system or via a web browser, eliminating the need for paper document storage.

Electronic Document Management Features

  • Automated Document Archiving – Documents generated by Sage ERP X3 can be automatically deposited in the Sage ERP X3 EDM repository. Simply by selecting the ‘Archive’ destination, reports and other documents generated through Crystal Reports® can be converted to PDF format and archived.
  • Secure Attachments – The attachments feature which normally allows files in shared folders to be linked to objects in Sage ERP X3 now links to the EDM repository so that documents are securely archived and available to users without the need for access to shared folders.
  • Instant Access to All Documents – Once a document has been archived, it can be accessed by any user of Sage ERP X3 – via the Attachments button, via new ‘Documents’ buttons on key screens or through the Sage ERP X3 web portal. Documents archived outside of Sage ERP X3 through a scan station, the Windows desktop deposit client or other Sage products, such as Sage CRM, are also available as long as they are connected to a Sage ERPX3 business partner, transaction or product.
  • Drag & Drop From Windows Desktop – Outside of Sage ERP X3 users can archive documents through the EDM Deposit client on the Windows Desktop. Files can be dragged and dropped into the system and associated with the relevant section in the archive. Emails can be dropped in directly from Microsoft Office Outlook with the sender, date and subject being automatically transferred to the archive.
  • Automated Documents – Outbound documents and reports generated through Crystal Reports® can be emailed or printed at the same time as being archived. An entire ‘print run’ of documents such as invoices, statements or remittances can be processed together with each document being sent to the relevant email address or printer automatically. Email addresses can be looked up automatically from the Sage ERP X3 database or read from fields on the document itself. Documents can also be automatically faxed – either through an SMTP fax gateway or using an optional fax server.
  • Web Enabled – Outside of Sage ERP X3 documents can be accessed from a new web-based portal. Access levels can be defined to give ‘external users’ access only to selected sections of the document repository. The interface allows users to search the categories to which they are granted access.
  • Automated Indexing – Adding a scan station to the Sage ERP X3 EDM Solution allows large batches of documents to be scanned quickly and efficiently. Indexing is fast and reliable as metadata is cross-checked against the Sage ERP X3 database. Transactional documents, such as orders, invoices, and proofs of delivery can be separated and indexed automatically using barcodes and indexed automatically using barcodes that printed directly from Sage ERP X3 at the time of the transaction.

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