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Control Processes With The Workflow Engine

By June 5, 2013No Comments

Sage ERP X# workflow engineQuestion: Is there anything more important in business other than having control of its operations?

Answer:  No.

With Sage ERP X3’s workflow engine, control becomes second nature.

Control over operations can make or break a business.  Sage ERP X3 retrieves and stores data across all departments, giving you a scoop on the details, so you can establish and reserve control, suiting you for success.

Let’s face it – some information must be processed rapidly and under controlled conditions. This is why Sage ERP X3 gives you the ability to manage some of your company’s procedures electronically and simplify all your traditional paper-based and task-intensive processes. Its workflow system makes it possible to launch information – either inside or outside the organization– follow-up actions, warning and validation cycles on the basis of any event in the system, and according to their own rules and procedures for handling key and exceptional events.

For example, when a new purchase order is entered into the system, you can ask Sage ERP X3 to immediately inform a particular buyer according to the type of order, and also automatically warn a manager if it exceeds a certain amount and prohibit the process from continuing without validation, if appropriate. Thanks to the workflow engine, the electronic signature process and data traceability are flexible. Therefore, you simplify and secure control over your activities.

Business is subject to increasing legal constraints related to security and traceability: financial security, the Sarbanes Oxley Act, FDA rules, etc.  For effective security administration, Sage ERP X3 makes it possible to control access to the functions, actions, on-screen fields and data, by user, group of users or profile. The web connection via HTTPs makes it possible to encrypt data traveling over the line. One can define constraints for password length and renewal, lock users attempting to intrude, disconnect inactive users at the end of a configurable period of time.

For traceability, one can activate various tracking levels based on users, and define alerts via workflow on any specific event.

Signature processes are included standard, in particular for purchases, budgets, payment slips, etc.

The traceability of modifications to sensitive data can be configured to activate directly on the database level. Details of the modifications can be traced.

Sage ERP X3’s  workflow engine can also:

  • Trigger an event (initiate processing, send e-mail, etc.) based on user actions such as printing, creating new records, editing, deleting data or based on the result of a database inquiry,
  • Trigger the dispatch of e-mails (including attachments), allowing recipients to take action by simply clicking on the embedded option buttons and/or by returning in one click to the ERP entry that triggered the message,
  • Provide users with work schedules based on customized processes or workflow circuits, and
  • Trigger workflow circuits based on batch processes such as data imports or exports

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