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Why the Consumerization of IT Is a Big Deal

By October 10, 2014December 7th, 2018No Comments

The Consumerization of IT NetUp-IT SWK TechThe consumerization of IT is becoming a pressing issue in today’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world.

The term “the consumerization of IT,” is a complex way to say that because your employees are used to accessing and using a wide range of technology in their personal lives, they now feel the freedom to use the programs they want to–even when working with company data.

This means that your employees, whether you know it or not, are taking your company data into the real world where you can’t protect it. 

Learn how you can keep your company data safe

Read more about the consumerization of IT on the NetUp-IT blog to learn the in-depth info about what your employees are doing with your data. You’ll also learn about the methods you can use to keep your sensitive data safe–and within government compliance regulations.


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