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SWK Enables Customer Success: Enter a Modern Partnership Model

By June 28, 2021June 30th, 2021No Comments

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No organization can do it all. It’s nearly impossible to have expertise in all the functional areas you need to run your business and be competitive. By yourself, you cannot simultaneously specialize in law, insurance, real estate, recruiting, technology, etc., without adding additional resources or losing some focus on your own core expertise. That’s why so many companies today have moved toward concentrated specializations, outsourcing non-core functions.

Today’s winning companies focus on what they do best, and partner with specialized B-to-B services to deliver peripheral, yet critical organizational functions and support.

If the company you partner with shares your best interests and is willing to work with you towards your goals and objectives, you can run your business confidently because you are “whole,” the most complete version of yourself.

This is especially true with technology, namely your mission-critical systems. You may have one or more software developers on your team, but can they truly specialize in all the applications you need to run your business? Can they simultaneously manage Microsoft 365, accounting software, ERP, and process automation solutions, and oversee all the regulatory compliance and reporting needs specific to your industry and state?

Conversely, you may have one or more IT administrators, but that is another field that is already highly specialized. A network engineer, for example, does not have deep expertise in cybersecurity. And – as popular news attests to on a weekly basis – cybersecurity is a critical technology function (and probably more affordable than you might think). Then there’s talent recruiting and retention, the biggest challenge in the U.S. right now. Your payroll service can’t manage your human resources too, and a simple HR system it not going to provide the most modern best practices for employee retention and development. Partnering with a company that has a practice dedicated to Human Capital Management, however, will help you win the talent wars.

We understand technology and software serve as the foundation for many of your activities; we are here to help you prioritize, fill in gaps, guide you, and support you throughout your journey.

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