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Cloud Manufacturing Software

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition Delivers ERP in the Cloud

Acumatica Cloud ERP is built from a core horizontal SaaS platform into a flexible application easily scaled for deep vertical functionality. As the 2023 Acumatica Partner of the Year, with more MVPs than any other Acumatica partner, and recognition for excellence in manufacturing, distribution, and construction, SWK provides the knowledge and experience you need to implement the manufacturing software solution that supplies the best value for you.

A cloud Manufacturing ERP such as Acumatica gives you enhanced visibility into your production and supply chain with access to real-time analytics and reporting. Armed with the flexibility and scalability of SaaS, your business will be to better keep pace with evolving consumer demand and regulatory compliance.

Whether deployed in a public or private cloud environment or on-premise, Acumatica Manufacturing Edition delivers browser-based functionality and reporting. With a unique pricing model that only charges by resource usage and not based on user licenses, Acumatica Cloud ERP lets you optimize your technology investment to maximize your ROI on your production.

Discrete Manufacturing ERP

Acumatica provides discrete manufacturers with comprehensive visibility and flexible options for adjusting assembly according to market demand. Capture the true story of your production with a multi-level bill of materials and tailor your product to consumer specification with the Product Configurator, all in single screen. Leveraging this discrete manufacturing ERP in the cloud lets you manage all your data points in real-time and stay on top of your value chain from component to assembled part.

The BOM/Routing module provides the framework for all planning functionality in Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, connecting materials, attributes, workflow instructions and costs for each operation. This allows a simultaneous view of the engineering and financial side of your assembly, listing out the components of each product along with factors such as expiration dates compared against the project cost.

Process Manufacturing ERP

Acumatica Cloud ERP allows process manufacturers to stay compliant with ingredient and consumer safety regulations by enabling end-to-end manufacturing visibility. Track product at any time by lot or serial number, and traceback lifecycles to the component level throughout your supply chain. Ensure traceability and compliance with an electronic audit trail that provides completely real-time accuracy delivered through SaaS.

The Quality Management Suite (QMS) released in 2020 enables users to transform Acumatica Manufacturing into a comprehensive QA system that empowers you to take control of your recipe management, batch processing and compliance processes. Streamline your traceability management with more advanced formulation, product development, quality control, analytics and reporting features hosted in a state of the art cloud-hosted environment.

Advanced Accounting for Manufacturers

Capture enterprise-level finance management functionality built into your manufacturing software with cloud ERP accounting features. Acumatica provides end-to-end visibility of your supply chain expenses, with detailed digital audit trails that allow you to track down every payment and cost in real-time. Consolidate your bookkeeping, forecast project expenses and discover ways to streamline job costing with web-based project accounting for manufacturers.

Accurately calculate your prices and plan out for overhead with the Estimating module in Acumatica Manufacturing Edition. This application lets you connect your inventory cost estimates with sales orders data, helping you improve ROI on production.

Inventory Control and WMS

Inventory management in the cloud gives you an instant overview of your stock, from anywhere at any time, and allows you to track your product from the material level to distribution. Acumatica lets you connect your manufacturing ERP with your Warehouse Management System to capture constant visibility into your supply chain at every stage. Protect against increased costs and lost time from overstocking or understocking with deep insight and forecasting on your inventory trends.

CRM and Service

Keep your production orders in tune with customer needs when you integrate service and sales order management with your manufacturing ERP. Acumatica’s customer management software connected with your inventory and production management enables you to react to automate orders based on historical trends well as react to new developments based on previous consumer data.

The Product Configurator module additionally allows you to quickly shift your projects to accommodate more minute change requests in custom orders. The rules-based configurator engine manages multiple product dimensions, letting you customize finished parts seamlessly and without getting bogged down in superfluous planning activities.

Cloud Manufacturing Mobility

Mobile ERP in the cloud grants your operations increased flexibility and gives your employees improved access to data. Utilizing the Acumatica mobile app, manufacturers can deploy an array of new devices onto the production floor, from smartphones to tablets to smaller notebook laptops (Chromebook, etc.). SaaS empowers you to leverage these tools to shed your traditional hardware burdens and add greater mobility to your processes.

Take a Tour of Acumatica Manufacturing with This Demo Video

Acumatica Process Manufacturing – eWorkplace Integration

SWK partner eWorkplace Apps developed a proprietary process manufacturing integration for Acumatica available with the 2021 product release. The Quality Management solution extends the batch processing capabilities of the cloud ERP with a framework built on BatchMaster Software. Industries and micro-verticals requiring comprehensive formula management and compliance traceability – such as a Food and Beverage, Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics – will be able to accelerate their migration to the cloud with this new application.

acumatica manufacturing erp software cloud

Acumatica Serves Every Manufacturing Sector

Acumatica supplies advanced planning and scheduling, inventory management, and end-to-end production visibility for multiple manufacturing sectors:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Industrial Equipment
  • And more!


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