Sage BusinessWorks

Sage BusinessWorks provides extensive reporting capabilities, ease of use and scalability by simplifying and streamlining key business functions and daily business activities. It gives up-to-the-minute accounting information and simple access to data.

Sage BusinessWorks 2015 Updates

BusinessWorks has integrated modules and multi-user networking capabilities, including integration with Microsoft Office and other applications, more than 250 built-in management reports, customized forms, an audit trail and inventory control.

The system includes 11 integrated modules: System Manager, General Ledger, Cash Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Control & Purchasing, Order Entry, Payroll, Job Cost, Custom Office and Sage BusinessWorks ACT! Link. BusinessWorks can be purchased with some of these — and more can be added as your business grows.

Sage BusinessWorks

Does Your Company Run On Autopilot — Or Manual Control?

Business Software Should Free Up Your Time So You Can Focus On What Matters

Often, business owners try to manage their companies with a patchwork of computer applications and spreadsheets. This kind of piecemeal, low-cost approach actually gets cumbersome and expensive over time, however. It’s inefficient and stressful, and creates an unnecessary drag on profits and productivity. There is a better way.

The solution is to use integrated business management software rather than a basic accounting program. Sage BusinessWorks is designed for this purpose. It’s perfect for small companies that have outgrown “off-the-shelf” bookkeeping packages, and need to automate important tasks — without a big price tag.


A Total Solution For Managing Your Small Business

The affordability, power and user-friendliness of Sage BusinessWorks are its main advantages over entry-level programs. But the real benefits go beyond features and functions, and take it to the next level.

Sage BusinessWorks is the ideal hub of a business management solution for many small companies. It combines the power of 8 fully integrated modules, and works seamlessly with industry-leading third-party applications to expand your capabilities even further.

With these tools — plus custom utilities and reports we develop for specific needs — we’ll help you get the most from your Sage BusinessWorks investment by enhancing its strengths and tailoring them to fit your situation. The result: a complete, cost-effective system that enables you to run your business optimally instead of letting it run you.