If you’ve done your research, you’re already aware of the advantages that electronic document management could bring to your Sage MAS ERP system. Increased efficiency, reduced costs, security and disaster recovery rank high on the list of benefits you’ll receive. The impact on finance alone easily justifies the investment. But, which solution is right for you?

EZContentManager is a powerful, affordable Enterprise Document Management solution…integrated right into your Sage MAS screens! No steep learning curves here – EZContentManager is easy to learn and easy to use, immediately boosting your productivity!

Top 7 Reasons to choose ACOM’s Enterprise Document Management solution:

  1. Web-based Enterprise Document Management… Built Specifically For Sage
    Get a more productive and efficient workforce… with One-Click access to critical business files, right from your Sage screens, using ACOM’s EZ buttons… or get instant, world-wide access remotely via web browser.
  2. Imaging/Capture
    ACOM’s imaging solution, with powerful OCR capabilities, ends manual data entry and errors, and you can get rid of those bulky paper file-cabinets… and all the associated costs (printing, mailing, storage, etc.).
  3. Automated Electronic Workflow
    Customize your own workflow templates using ACOM’s graphical workflow designer, featuring easy drag and drop functionality. Then route documents electronically for review and approval within the organization… right from your Sage screens; gain better control and faster processing.
  4. G/L Distribution
    Quickly add General Ledger (GL) codes to an invoice during the electronic approval process… and import the data electronically back into MAS; reduce invoice processing time, minimize manual data entry and associated errors.
  5. Microsoft Outlook Integration
    Save emails and attachments directly from MS Outlook into EZContentManager… and quickly link to other related documents in EZContentManager.
  6. Native File Formats
    Avoid proprietary formatted document management systems that “lock you in” to long-term contracts with a system that doesn’t enable you to expand down the road.
  7. Easy to learn, easy to implement
    Arguably the most important piece of any document management system is user adoption. If it’s not easy, it’s not going to be used. “ACOM’s system is so user-friendly that it only required 1 hour of training.”

What clients are saying about ACOM…

“EZContentManager makes my life easy. When we have to research a sales order now, we can do it right from our desktop without an hour of digging in the file room.”
– Quality Assurance, Skolnik Industries

“I’ve implemented several systems here over the last 15 years, and this was one of the easiest. I am very pleased with the results.” 
– Director of IT, Teasdale Quality Foods
“EZContentManager is excellent to work with. I’ve been programming from a young age and I think it’s magic. I love it.”
– Engineering, Skolnik Industries

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