Total Supply Chain Bundled Solution

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ERx3P | FDA-Compliant Bundled Solution for Process Manufacturers

The Only Turnkey Bundled Solution Available

Helping process manufacturers and wholesalers comply with all FDA electronic record management, serialization regulations, and traceability requirements internally and across the supply chain.

Solution Components

Business management solution requirements

  • Solution captures data around serialized products
  • Solution “traces” the products for use when an issue arises
  • Manufacturer notifies stakeholders (the FDA, corporate executives, production line, wholesalers, distributors, and dispensers)

EDI requirements

  • EDI captures serialized data
  • EDI communicates the purchase orders and invoicing transactions between the manufacturer and the supply chain

Shipping and warehousing requirements

  • Shipping and warehousing requirements
  • Warehouse management software automates the “pick-pack-ship” process

Target Industries




Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

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Nutraceuticals, Vitamins & Supplements

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 Pharmaceutical Prep.

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