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Sage ERP X3 Success Story: Marussia F1 Racing

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Sage ERP X3 Success StoriesSage ERP X3 joined forces with the Marussia F1 team as an official supplier to the team, to help them bring every element of their business together – from tracking the location and quality of the thousands of parts in their race cars, to reporting on the speed and efficiency of their operations.

Sage ERP X3 is a fully integrated business management solution and handles everything at Marussia from inventory, stock management, finance, project and job costing to provide a consolidated view of the company’s total operations and delivers new levels of business insight.

Marussia needed to ensure that the back office systems they have in place match the pace and prestige of the race season.  As well as equipping the team with our flagship software solution, Sage is ensuring that the team has first class support services to see them way beyond their early days as F1 contenders, and hopefully all the way to the podium.

If anyone understands the challenge of delivering on time, every time, it’s the Marussia F1 team. With over 4,500 specialized parts in each car, 20 world championships to get to and tons of equipment that needs to be in the right place, and ready to race, in locations all over the world.  Whilst all the excitement is at the race track, back at base there’s a massive team operation, with suppliers to pay, stock to replenish and reports to review and analyze.

Kevin Lee, Operations Manager at Marussia tells us why Sage ERP X3 was the right choice for their operation.

“Before I joined Marussia, purchase orders were being raised on Excel spreadsheets, finance was running on disparate systems and there was no electronic connection between front and back office.  I quickly realized we needed an ERP solution to integrate our processes and make us more efficient”.

“With so many parts that all require quality assurance, logging into stores, tracking, logging out of stores and re ordering on a very tight deadline, after all race dates are non-negotiable – we needed to streamline our operations and fast”.

“Following a period of requirements gathering the decision swung in Sage’s favor, mainly because Sage ERP X3 is a modern integrated system, not several systems cobbled together to make an ERP system.

“It lets us create our own reports and do our own exports into MS Office.  It also ticked virtually every functionality box we could have wanted”.

“Since going live Sage ERP X3 has been used to record every engineering release, to create the parts database and then the bill of materials. Every purchase order that has left Marussia, every goods inward receipt and every invoice that has been paid has been generated on Sage ERP X3.

“It has been used since go-live, to control the business functions of the team.  As soon as a part leaves the design office it is loaded onto Sage ERP X3, and from the point where the design is finished Sage ERP X3 controls the whole lifecycle of the part, from bill of materials through to purchasing and finance.

“The system can be updated by Marussia workers who are at the races and sent back to the team’s Banbury headquarters, allowing the team to keep track of parts in real-time.  We’ve now got visibility into what parts are on the car, what are spare and what are back at HQ. We didn’t have that visibility and control before”.

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