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Sage 100 ERP Functions: Business Intelligence

By February 5, 2013No Comments

In our previous Sage 100 ERP (f/k/a Sage MAS 90/200) blogs we discussed the core functions of Accounting and Finance.  This involved the domains of General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation and Electronic Reporting.  This post will move onto some of the Business Intelligence applications available for Sage 100 ERP.  With the Business Insights Explorer and Business Insights Dashboard, your company will be able to access customized business information quickly in order to make faster and better decisions at all levels in your company.  This post will detail these two business intelligence modules in more depth.

Business Insights Explorer

Business Insights Explorer is the most convenient way to navigate your business. It brings ad hoc inquiry, drill-down, drill-around analysis up to a whole new level. Turn your data into knowledge that you can act on by using powerful sorting, grouping, filtering, and charting capabilities that you personalize to your specific needs and role within your company.

This easy-to-use inquiry and analysis application optimizes your daily decision-making tasks in the most critical areas of your business. A streamlined grid interface spans multiple data elements in one view, and you can choose among predefined views for Sales Order, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Accounts PayaBusiness Insights Explorerble, Bill of Materials, Inventory Management, and Purchase Order. Use quick-click charts for a visual representation of the data and to show trends. Change views for the same customer, plus drill down to the transaction level and access customer maintenance for edits without having to go to other modules in your Sage 100 ERP system. What’s more, you can launch your familiar Sage 100 ERP tasks directly from within Business Insights Explorer and find the information you’re looking for without losing your place. In fact, you and your employees can efficiently go through daily tasks from Business Insights Explorer that may exceed your productivity using the traditional menu layout. This 360-degree view gives you the ability to quickly access timely, up-to-the-minute business information. The result favorably impacts your bottom line and your long-term success through more accurate decision-making and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Business Insights Explorer provides you with a better way to access and understand your data— offering you a powerful, intuitive reporting tool—and you don’t have to be a programmer to use it! First-time users can start right away. Even more important, Business Insights Explorer is great for analyzing “what-if” scenarios that can keep you awake at night. Who are the top customers for each of your salespeople? What products do they buy? How many new customers did you gain last month? And, because of the depth of functionality, Business Insights Explorer will continue to grow with you and your business far into the future.

Business Insights Dashboard

If you are a busy manager or business owner who needs quick access to key business information in a format that is easy to read and understand, Business Insights Dashboard for Sage 100 ERP is the ideal solution. Designed to provide the data you need to make critical decisions, Business Insights Dashboard presents information in a high-level, attractive graphical format that allows you to instantly ascertain the state of your business. Flexible yet simple to use, this dashboard is displayed within the Sage 100 ERP Business Desktop and can also be accessed directly with Microsoft® Internet Explorer® or Outlook®.

This powerful tool provides timely and efficient access to accurate financial information generated from your Sage 100 ERP system. You can keep on top of critical business management information and be better prepared to thrive in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive business environment.

With Business Insights Dashboard, you decide what information is the most critical to your operation. Select up to 12 key reports to include on your start page, the order in which the information appears, and how much detail is displayed.Business Insights Dashboard

Business Insights Dashboard gives you the information you need to make better business decisions, and it helps you conduct your day-to-day operations with higher levels of efficiency. Your customized start page delivers the data you need most, when you need it. Staying informed has never been easier!


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