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“Accellos One Ship offers the market a shipping solution that works alongside our Warehouse Management, Logistics and Transportation solutions,” said Ross Elliott, Accellos Chief Technology Officer. “The ability to offer customers a shipping system of this caliber fills gaps that currently exist with other shipping systems targeted to mid-market companies.”

Accellos One Ship software enables 3PL’s, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers to meet today’s complex shipping requirements while remaining flexible as their shipping requirements evolve. In addition to integration with Accellos’ Warehouse Management, Logistics, and Transportation solutions, Accellos One Ship is integrated with leading ERP systems. Accellos One Ship provides real-time access to shipping information and stores a complete archive of shipment documentation. The architecture gives companies the ability to customize the solution to accommodate their unique shipping processes while maintaining shipment compliance, while also being fully supported by Accellos.


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