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Sage 500 ERP

Manufacturing Productivity and Profitability with Sage 500 ERP

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Productivity ProfitabilityIn the world of business there is a direct correlation between levels of productivity and levels of profitability.  In most cases, the more productive your business is, the more profit it will see.  Productivity does not always mean the amount of work you put in, but rather the type of work you put in.  With Sage 500 ERP, productivity is put on the fast track to profitability with features that allow you to get from A to B much quicker with more accurate information.

Sage 500 ERP provides manufacturers with the flexibility and expanded capabilities to meet the diverse business requirements of varied industries, including:

  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • High tech
  • Electronics
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Other industries

One of the key advantages of the manufacturing suite is its streamlined integration of routings and bills of material, which allows for:

  • Improved lead-time calculations
  • More accurate material plans
  • Better resource allocation.

The manufacturing solution optimizes your operations for maximum productivity while it provides a real-time business picture that gives you the vision to manage profitability with insight.

Capable to Promise

Sales order entry includes a Capable-To-Promise (CTP) calculation, which uses on-hand and on-order data to determine quickly the specific date a desired quantity of product will be available. CTP is available for both distributors and manufacturers who want to enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring that customer service has the information they need to provide quick and accurate customer support.

Co-products and Disassembly

Sage 500 ERP provides complete support for co-products and multiple parts produced for each production order.  Industries uniquely positioned to capitalize on this feature include injection molding and stamping, where more than one unique part is produced for each production run, as well as those where the same product is packed differently and stocked with separate part numbers. Manufacturers particularly like the flexibility of being able to use co-products to disassemble an item into base components.

Engineering Change Management

A routing/bill of material may be placed under engineering change control to track any changes made to the production standards. Members of predefined user groups are notified by email when a change is made to controlled routings/bill of materials.


Internal product structure and cost estimates can be custom created quickly from scratch or copied from an:

  • Existing routing/bill of material
  • Estimate
  • Work order

They are easily converted directly into a:

  • Quote
  • Sales order
  • Production routing/bill of material.

Engineers can estimate multiple quantities with different markups to amortize setup and one-time costs across multiple quantities. Estimates may include labor, material, subcontracted operations, prototyping, special tooling, and other costs.

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