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Make Your Taxes Easy with Sage ERP X3

By January 31, 2014No Comments

Sage-ERP-X3-taxes-SWK-300x199Tax time is here which makes everyone stressed out and nervous, especially business owners. Do you remember how easy your taxes were before you ran a business? Have you been waking up every night at 3:20am to look for more receipts or to email your business accountant for the 30th time… since 3:19am? While we understand and sympathize, we also want to remind you, with an evil chuckle, that this isn’t the only time of year you have to deal with taxes. If you’re dreading having to look up another address to determine the appropriate sales tax laws, or if the thought of creating and storing another exemption certificate makes you cringe, we offer the Sage Sales Tax AvaTax solution for Sage ERP X3. With AvaTax for Sage ERP X3, not only will your end-of-year sales taxes be easy, the taxes you deal with the rest of the year will be easy too.

Charge the right sales tax for every customer

You have a customer who wants to buy your purple widget (which is, by the way, the best purple widget ever, we just want to say). Here’s the issue: your customer needs that purple widget shipped to Alaska. If you don’t know what the sales tax is for Alaska—did it change at the beginning of the year?—you need to look that up to calculate the right rates for that customer. If you don’t charge the right tax on every sale, or if you don’t process the right tax amount on every customer return, you’ll be penalized and maybe even audited, but AvaTax Calc for Sage ERP X3 delivers instant address validation and sales tax calculations on-demand, so that you know you’re charging the right amounts for every customer, no matter where your customers are located.

Frustrated with sales tax compliance?
We have a webinar to help you.

What: SWK Webinar: Say Goodbye to Frustrating Sales Tax Compliance
When: February 26, 2014, 2:00PM – 3:00PM EST

Don’t charge taxes for some customers

Great, you figured out the purple widget customer, but now you have another customer who wants to order 8,000 green widgets for his not-for-profit company. You complete the sale and fill out an exemption certificate to keep on file, and then he sees the purple widgets and he decides that he also needs 20 of those too (‘cause they’re awesome). You complete that sale and fill out another exemption certificate. Avoid a cluttered filing system, and save both trees and time when you create exemption certificates with AvaTax Certs, which allows you to create, store, and access exemption certificates at point of sale and in an entirely digital format.

Avoid those dreaded audits

Now it’s time for that endless paperwork and those terrible forms you have to fill out just to ensure that all your sales tax processes are in compliance. Even if you have an accountant doing all of that for you (we recommend that you do get an accountant so that you can focus on growing your business), you don’t want your accountant spending hours with this processing either. And you certainly don’t want to do any of this part wrong, because tax non-compliance leads to tax audits. Reduce your audit risk and your accountant billing rates. AvaTax Returns saves you from all that paperwork and closes the loop on your sales tax compliance processes by completing and filing all your sales tax forms, as well as remitting all of your sales tax in one easy payment.

There’s more too: AvaTax solution for your Sage ERP X3 system provides you with help managing even the most complicated tax issues, like situs, nexus, tax tiers, tax holidays, and more. And you know what else? AvaTax is available for your Sage 100 ERP and Sage 500 ERP systems, too, and it’s affordable and fully integrated. Now stop emailing your accountant and get to bed!

Contact our Sage ERP X3 Team

If you would like to learn more about how the Sage Sales Tax AvaTax solution for your Sage ERP system, or you’d like to learn more about how Sage ERP X3 can help your business, please contact us online.

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