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How to Run Inventory Turnover and Dead Stock Queries in Acumatica [On-Demand Webinar]

By July 10, 2023No Comments

Optimize Your Inventory and Keep Stock Moving with New Dead Stock and Inventory Turnover Queries – Available Out of the Box


Sometimes, inventory simply does not move as fast as it should. We all know that dead stock or slow-moving inventory drains your revenues by taking up warehouse space as it becomes less and less desirable for buyers. However, it used to be difficult for many business leaders to gain clear insight into their inventory turnover rates. Until now.

Access this webinar and discover how using new inventory features in Acumatica can help you gain effortless, in-depth insight into your inventory status, so you can manage proactively to improve your margins. Watch the webinar now.

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In this Acumatica Community webinar featuring SWK, you will receive a clear walkthrough of how to use new inventory inquiries in Acumatica. You will also learn how savvy business leaders are leveraging this new inventory data to improve revenues.

Looking for specific information? Use this summary to skip forward to the parts that interest you. (Timestamp information is located to the right of each item. Please select that time when you are watching the video.)

Inventory Turnover Queries

Ready to manage inventory turnover with style? Acumatica empowers you to filter by specific items, classes, warehouses, dates, and more, so you get the information you need efficiently. In this section, our SWK expert explains in depth how you can find, access, filter, and understand the results of your Inventory Turnover queries.

  • Watch the Inventory Turnovers section end-to-end (2:27)
  • What is the Inventory Turnover query? (3:12)
  • Tip: How this query differs from a standard Generic Inquiry (3:20)
  • Why use this query? (3:57)
  • How to understand the screen and your options (4:18)
  • Tip: Other names for Inventory Turnover and other ways to use this data (4:49)
  • Applicable scenarios for use (5:11)
  • Full walkthrough of the query (5:31)
  • Tip: Important features to note (5:40)
  • How to use the Manage Turnover History tab (10:03)

Dead Stock Queries

Acumatica enables you to view the stock that is not moving out of your warehouses, and change your view by days in stock or starting on a certain date. In this section, SWK explains how you can confidently and quickly filter your stock data, so you can make smart, timely inventory decisions.

  • Watch the Dead Stock section end-to-end (15:50)
  • Why track this data? (16:32)
  • What are the causes behind stock that is dead? (17:25)
  • Full walkthrough of the query (18:53)
  • Tip: How this query differs from a Generic Inquiry (20:09)
  • Ways to handle your stock once it is officially dead (22:36)
  • How to use these inquiries to leverage your inventory data (26:12)


Question and answer sessions occurred after each section of this Acumatica Community webinar, and some participants asked questions during the final section. We have collected all the Q&A here in one place to make it easy for you to find the information you need.

  • Which version is the Inventory Turnover query in and how can you enable this function? (12:49)
  • Can Turnover data be brought into other Generic Inquiries? (13:18)
  • Can you create sub-lists for multiple inventory items across item classes? (13:50)
  • Do these take manufacturing or transfer consumption into account? (14:25)
  • What are the configuration column options for Inventory Transfer? (15:02)
  • Is this only for Finished Goods? (15:22)
  • Can you use data from Inventory Turnover to inform replenishment settings? (25:01)
  • Can you make a comparative period analysis for Dead Stock? (24:22)
  • Can you make a comparative period analysis for Inventory Turnover? (25:40)
  • Is average unit in days? (25:53)
  • Do these take expiration dates into account? (27:33)
  • Can you add Lot Numbers to these queries? (27:55)
  • Can Dead Stock note items for BoM, or is it just invoice sales? (28:14)
  • Can you run Turnover by sub-accounts? (28:47)
  • Can an item be set to “dead”? (28:56)
  • Can you import items as “dead”? (29:32)
  • Is Turnover available out of the box? (29:58)
  • Are these available in older Acumatica builds? (30:18)

Extend Your Learning

This quick Acumatica Community overview on how you can use new Acumatica tools to get more done, faster, with your inventory and dead stock data was only one of the many free webinars made possible by SWK Technologies. We are here to help you do more with your technology.

If you liked this video and you want to watch in-depth webinars that will empower you to make confident decisions about your business, please check out our upcoming events and webinars.

In the meantime, please bookmark this webinar link so you can return to the information whenever you need it.

Watch the webinar “Inventory Optimization with Acumatica Inquiries”


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