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Defend Against Disaster

By May 15, 2013No Comments

Network Solution Back Ups

SWK offers a variety of backup and disaster recovery solutions that are guaranteed to save time and resources.

One of the key components to running and operating a business is to be able to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

As with many businesses today, the worst thing that could happen is a technological breakdown.  The result of this, with the wrong service provider, could hold you back days or even weeks.  Information becomes no longer accessible, and company operations become stalemated.

However, with the right service provider, you could be up and running again in no time.

At SWK, we understand the importance of a speedy recovery from disaster.  With qualified professionals and a strong IT team, SWK has the know how to recover loss of information and connectivity that drive your company’s operations.

Our reasonably priced, comprehensive solution:

  • Backs up your data throughout the day
  • Virtualizes your operating system and programs
  • Allows you to be operational in minutes, instead of days.
  • Provides high availability, redundant, encrypted, secure off-site co-location facilities.
  • Brings downed servers up in hours, not days, giving you fast access to data that keeps your business running.
  • Replaces management-intensive, error-prone tape backup with a quickly deployed onsite device.
  • Includes monthly automated failure testing – just as you would test a fire alarm
  • Completely hands free solution, which reduces your need to play technician

Our solutions allow you to frequently and easily back up onsite or offsite. As a result, we have helped many small- and medium-sized businesses take advantage of savings that were previously reserved for large enterprise organizations.

Offense wins games, but defense wins championships. Defend against disaster before it takes a shot at you!

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Sign up between now and May 31st to receive free installation and to get the best strategy for you to protect your IT infrastructure and to keep your business running smoothly.

Contact Our Network Services Team

Want to learn more about backup and disaster recovery? For additional information, contact Matt Hahn at 877-979-5462 or or click here to contact us.

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