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Sage X3

An ERP Solution for Manufacturers

By March 15, 2013No Comments

A comprehensive ERP system is necessary for many industries to help them streamline all their processes and stay competitive by running more efficiently.  Sage ERP X3, as discussed in previous blog posts, is a powerful yet simple global solution for your ERP needs.  Some of the many functions include the typical accounting and finance functions, sales management, manufacturing management, purchasing management and many more.  Sage ERP X3 can bring advantages to many different businesses across many different industries.  The following blog post will start off a mini-series on how Sage Esagex3manufacturersRP X3 will impact various industries.  We will first discuss manufacturers, and then move on to chemical manufacturers and distributors, food and beverage manufacturers, life sciences manufacturers and wholesale distributors.


In the very competitive global market we live in today, differentiating your company and gaining a competitive advantage is important in order to succeed.  This means producing the right product at the highest quality.  In order to do this you need the proper tools and systems that integrate and automate your business processes and provide a full view of your operations.  Sage ERP X3 is a robust ERP solution that is designed to meet the unique needs of manufacturers.

Sage ERP X3 features support for pull-type or push-type manufacturing environments.

Effectively manage production planning to reduce costs:

Manage and keep track of all materials, components, and suppliers with robust material resource planning (MRP) features. Adjust production with forecast changes and reordering policies, including seasonality. Proactively monitor production with automatic work order creation, scheduling, material weight, and multi-level Bill of Material (BOM) management.

Optimize product pricing to maximize profitability:

Create quick, accurate quotes and set the right pricing levels with better insight to your total manufacturing costs. Develop the right costing method, automatically convert foreign currency into ledger, and allocate the proper stock valuation method.

Ensure quality assurance to minimize product returns:

Improve product quality and compliance with features including batch and sub-batch number, serial number, use-by date, re-inspection date, expiry date, upstream and downstream traceability, stock status and sub-status, and quality control analysis.

Make better decisions to reduce production errors:

Improve business insight with real-time reports and user-defined dashboards and be alerted of anomalies, such as scheduling delays or overloads. Leverage business analytics for delay and lead-time analysis, production output, and material stock-outs and consumption.

Adopt a flexible and powerful solution to facilitate and support growth:

Easily transact across global borders with suppliers with built-in support for multinational requirements and operations. Enhance collaboration with support for multiple companies, sites, legislations, currencies and languages and meet regulatory requirements.


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