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3 Reasons You Need to Upgrade to Sage ERP X3

By January 28, 2014October 10th, 2018No Comments

Now that we’re all getting into the swing of 2014, have you been wondering about the best ways to grow your business? You’ve set your company sales and production goals for the year, your budget is ambitious but achievable–now all that’s left is to actually do the work and make your 2014 goals into your business reality. Making your company grow is hard work, but you can make it much easier on yourself and your employees by using the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Here are three reasons why you should upgrade to Sage ERP X3.

1. Sage ERP X3 can make your company faster and more efficient

If your current ERP is suffering from frequent downtime or slow response time, that’s a sign that your technology is not keeping up with your company’s needs. Maybe you’re still running separate manufacturing and back office systems and there’s a lag in communication, or worse, data redundancy problems that you have to correct manually in order to generate accurate reports that combine financial and operational data. All of these issues steal profits from your business and make it hard for you to target struggling areas of your company. Save time and eliminate data redundancy with a well-run Sage ERP X3 system.

2. Sage ERP X3 provides full integration for your company

Has your company recently made leaps and bounds in growth by acquiring new companies, introducing new products, or expanding your manufacturing or distribution chain? That’s a sure sign that your legacy system probably isn’t keeping up with your new demands. If your legacy system isn’t keeping up with the complexity and collaboration needs that your company has now, you’re facing operational problems with Bills of Material (BOMs), purchasing, production scheduling, and more–plus your cost accounting will be weak and your lots will be hard to trace. These problems don’t just affect your operational processes, they also affect your fulfillment processes. How can you grow your company successfully if you aren’t able to easily connect with your customers, your salespeople, or even your third-party freight system? With Sage ERP X3, you’ll know that all the facets of your company are working together seamlessly to drive your success.

3. Sage ERP X3 gives you all the information your company needs

Do you find that you need to comb carefully through your current system to find critical information, such as past-due accounts or business performance analysis? Sage ERP X3 automates the crucial business intelligence you need–for example, if a customer account becomes past due by 60 days, you’ll receive an email alert so that you can address the issue immediately. Email alerts can be set up for other customized events as well, but customization doesn’t end there. You can also customize your executive dashboard to access the information you need at all times, and you can access and share information easily with Sage ERP X3’s integrated and powerful Crystal reporting feature.

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