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Target Superconsumers to Increase Your Revenues (Podcast)

By September 4, 2014No Comments

Target Superconsumers to Increase Your Revenues (Podcast)Determining your superconsumers is kind of a big deal.

Superconsumers are not a new phenomenon (they’re your regulars who love your company), but as data analytics becomes more and more accessible to small and medium-sized companies, we are all learning more about these incredible customers.

Today’s post talks about what you need to know about your superconsumers.

Don’t feel like reading right now? Listen to the podcast!

What’s a superconsumer?

Superconsumers, also known as “brand advocates” or “those people who come in regularly and talk about your company all the time to their friends” comprise only a small percentage of your overall customer base. This is common sense. In fact, if you think about it, you can probably come up with some very enthusiastic regulars just off the top of your head.

The thing that makes superconsumers different from regulars, is that their purchases create over 50% of your revenues.

We here at SWK Tech are fascinated by superconsumers, which is why we’ve written about superconsumers before. Now, the newest episode of the SWK Tech Time podcast provides you with all the information you need to know in order to find and target your company’s superconsumers in the most efficient manner possible.

Listen to the podcast

The newest episode of the SWK Tech Time podcast is an interview between host Mike Failla and SWK’s EVP of customer experience, Sam Hunter.

In the podcast, you’ll hear about:

  • How to target your superconsumers
  • Who SWK’s superconsumers are
  • The best ways to gather information to quickly identify your superconsumers
  • Why companies are focusing on superconsumers now, all of a sudden
  • Information sifting tips and tricks to speed up your process
  • How to sell and market to your superconsumers
  • The companies to emulate when starting your own new superconsumer-targeting campaigns

In conclusion

This podcast was built to share the information about superconsumers with the small and mid-sized businesses we serve, and we’ve sought to explain as much as we can in the brief time we had. If you have questions about business intelligence (BI) software such as Nectari that can help you reach your superconsumers, please contact us.


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