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Sage X3 Tip: How to Close a Partially Shipped Order

By October 16, 2014August 29th, 2019No Comments

Most of the time, Sage X3’s reluctance to close a partially shipped order is a good thing. The system’s built-in ability to prevent incorrect order closures usually reminds us not to snarl our operations, even when we’ve had little sleep. However, there are times when we know that an order needs to be closed—and the system won’t let us do that. Let your frustrations go with this week’s tip about how to close a partially shipped order when the “Close” button is greyed out.

How to Close a Partially Shipped Order

Step 1: Change your settings in your order transaction entry screen

  • Select your order transaction entry from Parameters > Sales > Entry transactions > Orders. On the display tab, be sure to check the boxes for “Closed” and “Closing reason”, and set them to “Form & Table” mode. (See Picture 1, above)
  • On your header tab, set the “Close unfilled lines” dropdown to “Entered” (See Picture 2, below)
  • Tab out of that field and click “Save.” This will validate your transaction.

Step 2: Close the partially shipped order

After you’ve changed your order transaction entry settings, go back into your sales order.

  • Select the “Delivery” tab, and you will see the option as highlighted in Picture 3, below.
  • After checking the box for “Close unfilled lines”, the close button will be available.

Important Information

One of the reasons the close button isn’t available on orders is that your customers contain a setting to allow this function. Be sure this function is set. If it’s not and you modify the customer record to allow order close, this will not change any existing orders, but all new orders going forward would allow the option to close. See Picture 4, below.

Save Time and Frustration by Closing Partially Shipped Orders the Right Way

Sage X3 is meant to make your work day a breeze. Instead of fighting with you, your computer should help you complete your tasks with ease. By following the instructions above, you can close those partially shipped orders and move on with your day. Any other frustrating issues? Don’t waste your time troubleshooting. Whenever you need a helping hand you can just contact SWK’s Help Desk.

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