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Sage X3 for Multichannel Retailers and Direct Marketers

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Sage X3 offers a fully integrated extension for Multichannel Retailers.  Its aim is to meet the specific needs of mid-sized multichannel retailers and direct marketers, and help them manage customer-centric end-to-end business processes.  Sage X3 integrates all business processes and information within one software system.  Along with the Multichannel Retail module, it provides multichannel retailers and direct marketers a cost-effective solution to manage their business globally, while offering functionality in areas such as marketing and campaign management, merchandising, pricing and promotion, order processing, credit checking and customer rating, e-commerce, warehousing, customer service, finance and business intelligence.  This in turn will help improve your customer’s experience.  Critical information can be accessed in just a click, allowing you to give accurate information to your customer in real-time.  With the fuzzy-logic order entry screen, you can search for existing records at the same time capturing partial information from a customer on the fly, such as a postal code or misspelled customer name.  There are many other functions and features that are discussed in more depth below.

Learn about Targets and Increasing Customer Loyalty

Sage X3 introduces a powerful new business intelligence engine – powered by leading Business Objects™ technology – which gives customers the ability to analyze customer data and business performance on the fly.  In just a few clicks, this intuitive, fully integrated tool helps users build relevant targets for new campaigns by learning how an item, customer segment, or geographical location is contributing to sales revenue, volume and margin.  It is now easier to understand which products are customers’ favorites and which products they never buy.

Build New Competitive Advantages

Sage X3 is built on the Sage Application Framework for the Sage X3 technology (SAFE X3). This SOA/Web-native platform provides users with the latest, best-in-class collaboration capabilities in either client/server or Web mode. It is fully Web Services compliant (XML, UDDI, WSDL, SOAP), which enables users to access and execute any services over a network, such as the Internet, as well as to create new collaborative applications with partners.

An e-commerce solution, Sage X3 also provides with Sage Xtend a comprehensive environment for Web development and Web storefront integration.

More, Sage X3 offers a highly productive 4GL Integrated Development Environment. It allows companies to easily adapt the system to support company-specific procedures and create exclusive applications to better service their customers, while keeping their development safe from the standard functional updates or upgrades of the system.

Other Features and Functions


  • Centralized product configuration and publishing options per channel.
  • Multiple campaign pricing rules
  • Sales forecasting and demand planning
  • Fuzzy logic customer search and order entry
  • Promotional coupons (internal/external, electronic an printed), redeemed coupons and gift certificates processing.
  • Mixed payment method with points/loyalty program redemption or gift certificate purchases.
  • Split credit cards
  • Online credit card authorization and data encryption


  • Advanced as well as assisted campaign targeting (predefined filters, targeting wizard)
  • Direct marketing campaigns planning and follow-up
  • Customer points program management
  • Customer support with knowledge base
  • Phone integration for productivity tracking and customer identification
  • Sales force automation


  • Supply planning across multiple warehouses
  • Location management: dedicated, suggested or random storage for singly/multiple item location
  • Stock management by physical location, lot and sub-lot, quality status, serial numbers, expiration dates, and potency
  • Multiple pick and schedule methods for low quantity/high volume orders
  • Inventory balances by stock status
  • Consigned inventory and third party inventory
  • Intra-company movements
  • Cost accounting


  • Short to long cycle process among: RFQ;s and responses, contract and blanked orders, PO, receiving/returns, invoicing
  • Purchase planning and ordering with/without MRP replenishment
  • Built-in security and workflow with signatures rules to control commitments against budgets
  • Open Item management and tracking: dispute level, payment approval
  • Mass payment campaigns


  • User-defined fiscal calendars, GL accounts and analytic dimensions
  • Budgeting
  • Complete audit trail ensured by successive or single zooms on original documents available across the entire ERP suite
  • Open item tracking and follow-up

Statistics and Business Intelligence:

  • Statistics available across all applications and through user-defined portal and dashboards
  • Integrated BI engine by Business Objects™ including ready-to-use universes for sales and marketing analysis

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