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Sage 100 ERP Federal and State eFiling and Reporting: Taxation with Representation

By May 16, 2013December 10th, 2018No Comments

Sage 100 ERP Federal State TaxWhen it comes to taxes, stress rises and tension soars. This is due to the fact that many small-to- medium-sized companies do not have a system for the processes required to file taxes. Organizing required materials for tax filings can and will drive you crazy. With Sage 100 ERP, all the dirty work is taken care of for you. Jump on board with Sage 100 ERP Federal and State eFiling and Reporting and make taxes just another task, rather than a burdensome process.

Eliminate manual form creation and save time by choosing from over 250 federal and state forms for Unemployment, Withholding, New Hire reports, W-2s, W-3s, and 1099s.

With Sage 100 ERP Federal and State eFiling and Reporting, you can print and mail the provided federal and state forms. The electronic forms have a familiar appearance, as they are a replica of the government forms you would receive in the mail. The electronic forms that appear on your screen aren’t blank, however—much of the information is already filled out for you by your Sage 100 ERP system. View and edit the information easily on your screen, and once you’ve verified it’s the way you want it, the form is ready to print or e-file.

Go completely green by utilizing our eFiling Service, offered on a transaction-fee basis, to further streamline and simplify your tax reporting process. You choose how much of the service to utilize, from efficient filing of employee New Hire or Unemployment forms to a complete filing service for W-2s and 1099s, with hard copies sent to your employees and to you for your records. You can also provide your employees with immediate access to their copy on a secure website.

Eliminate Manual Efforts
Using Sage 100 ERP eFiling and Reporting, you no longer have to order, stock, and keep track of printed forms. Better yet, you won’t have to worry about finding, loading, and aligning those forms when you need to print. Simply choose the form you need from the drop-down list.

Automatically Complete Forms
Choose the form, and any of your federal and state forms, including Unemployment, Withholding, and New Hire reports, are automatically filled in using the data from your Sage 100 ERP Payroll and Accounts Payable modules. No more struggling over worksheets, triple-checking calculations, or whiteout!

E-File Forms and Payments
Choose the level of e-filing services you want to use for your W-2s and 1099s. Sage 100 ERP offers two types—Basic and Complete. Both save you time on requesting, stocking, and finding the forms you need. Basic service provides you with the ability to send state or federal reports through e-file in minutes. Complete service files your federal and state forms electronically, and also prints, stuffs, and mails your employee copy; plus, a plain-paper copy is provided for your records.

Contact Our Sage 100 ERP Team
Are you interested in learning more about the features in Sage 100 ERP? Contact SWK’s Sage 100 ERP professionals to learn how these enhancements can benefit you. For additional information please contact us at 877-979-5462, or click here to contact us.

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