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3 Things March Madness Can Tell You about Sage ERP X3

By March 18, 2014No Comments
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This basketball team from 1905 wouldn’t succeed in today’s basketball world. That’s why change is so important for success. Don’t be stuck in the past like this team, switch your company to Sage ERP X3 and win.

“Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.”

The quote above comes from John Wooden, the UCLA coach who won 10 NCAA championships in just 12 seasons, all because of his ability to adapt his strategy to a constantly changing game. Your business is also a constantly changing game. Marketing changes every day, technology changes every day, your competition changes every day. However, this change doesn’t have to affect your business negatively; change can be a positive driving force that leads you to succeed. One effective change you can make is to switch to Sage ERP X3. Here are three ways that your company is like March Madness.

1. Having a Real-Time View Provides a Clear Strategy for Success

When players are on the court, coaches maintain their focus 100% of the time. They focus on how different players are performing, they keep track of personal fouls, they keep track of injuries, they keep track of what’s working and what’s not working in their game strategies. How well would a coach be able to direct their players if they didn’t know what had happened in a game until four-months later? Why are you running your company with information from last quarter? The real-time view that Sage ERP X3 offers your company through Business Intelligence gives you the ability to manage your company as the work is being done. You’ll know how your departments are doing, how your strategies are working, and how effective your strategy is—all in real time.

2. Having Anytime/Anywhere Access Means You Can Act on Brilliant Ideas

You know those brilliant ideas that you have at 3:00 AM? Coaches have those brilliant ideas too. When they have brilliant ideas, they call their players, or they pull out their playbooks and they tweak their plays for success. When you have a brilliant idea at 3:00 AM, will you drive all the way down to the office to log onto your computer so that you can look at your business data? If you were using Sage ERP X3, your data could be in the cloud, and you could apply your brilliant 3AM ideas when they’re still fresh.

3. Inborn Talent and the Willingness to Work Hard Are an Unbeatable Combo

Coaches know that a player who shows talent and the ability to work hard are the best players—and Sage ERP X3 has that unbeatable combo as well. With X3’s powerful out-of-the-box capabilities, and it’s hardworking abilities to support your company, you can trust that this ERP will always keep the ball in your court.

Are You Ready to Win?

March Madness will officially start tomorrow, and out of this year’s 68 teams, only one can be declared the winner. It might be an upset (Creighton), or it might be completely expected (Florida), but either way, one team will win—67 will lose. The one winner will face an extraordinary amount of challenges, but will come out ahead because of their willingness and ability to adapt. You, too, can be the winner in your business—it just takes a little bit of change.

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