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How BeerRun Helps Run Your Brewery More Efficiently

By March 25, 2013No Comments

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BeerRun software is the optimal solution for Craft Brewers who want to run their businesses as efficiently and profitably as possible. In previous posts, we gave ten reasons why you will love BeerRun, and described its features and functions. Let’s now discuss how it helps solve brewers’ challenges and concerns.

BeerRun provides a central information source that can help you migrate away from time-consuming manual tasks — like managing inventory and production with spreadsheets or stand-alone accounting systems — to a fully integrated process.  You will be able to take advantage of all opportunities and increase productivity.

If your microbrewery produces or plans to produce between 1,000 and 50,000 barrels per day, you should not be without BeerRun Software.

Drive Production Off Demand

BeerRun accommodates two distinct approaches to production planning: sales order driven or “seat-of-the-pants”. It can dramatically increase business efficiency by helping you make management decisions based on market demand from customers and distributors as well as from your own creative, experimental ideas.

BeerRun helps breweries anticipate increases and decreases in sales volume due to seasonality or other changes in demand. Many breweries experience a slowdown after the Summer, but then things pick up again as Winter approaches. BeerRun helps you foresee these trends and plan accordingly — minimizing overproduction or underproduction. It helps improve cash flow, manage “just in time” inventory and prevent putting old beer on the market.

BeerRun provides a current list of all sales for each beer style (measured in BBL or hectoliters). If the orders received for a particular style are above or below planned production, you’ll have time to make the necessary changes — again helping you run a more efficient business.

Inventory Control

BeerRun provides a complete inventory management system, from pulling ingredients to packaging. Ingredient forecasting allows you to see what you’ll need to fulfill all of your scheduled production. Minimum level alerts can indicate low stock levels and make “just in time” inventory easy.

With the click of a button, BeerRun enables you to allocate raw ingredients to “work in progress” in your accounting system at the start of a batch, and then update your finished goods inventory when completed. You can also look up and review all on-hand ingredients.

BeerRun makes it easy to allocate batches of beer to work orders and determine a packaging schedule or batch split if necessary. Decisions that used to take hours can be reduced to a few minutes. It is completely flexible and editable right up to the point when you fulfill an order.

BeerRun’s beer summary screen displays current inventory that is either in progress or completed. This inventory control tool gives you an accurate picture of what’s needed to fulfill orders and also helps with manual forecasting.

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