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Craft Brewing: Red Flags

By July 3, 2013No Comments

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Are You Running Your Craft Brewery — Or Is It Running You?

Brewery Management Every day, we talk with small business owners who have warning signs that their companies aren’t as efficient or profitable as they could be:

  • Do you have spreadsheets on top of spreadsheets?
  • Are you planning with dry-erase boards?
  • Are you wasting time (and making mistakes) doing things manually or repeatedly?
  • Are you losing money on wasted batches, materials, purchases or man hours?
  • Are you prepared for a TTB audit?
  • Are you spending too much time on busy work and too little on profitable tasks?
  • Are you buried in paper?
  • Do you have bottlenecks in processes or information flow, especially when a go-to person is unavailable?
  • Is it difficult to get the information you need to make important decisions?
  • The bottom line: You’re making beer, but do you know if you’re making money?

Check out the top ten reasons to use BeerRun and download our white paper on making the move to brewery management software.

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