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Your Business Data: How You Want To See It With Sage ERP X3

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Business Data ManagementSage ERP X3 provides powerful business intelligence tools that offer self-service access to both data and intuitive information analysis, helping users turn business insights into effective decisions. With user portal and dashboards, up-to-date information is readily accessible so you can quickly and efficiently view your business data.

User Portal and Dashboards

Sage ERP X3 offers a user-defined decision support portal and dashboards, providing users with actionable, up-to-the-minute graphical representations of key statistical information such as revenues and equipment usage.

The Sage ERP X3 user portal enables each user to create a personalized management chart for real-time tracking of the indicators most pertinent to his task. General or detailed information appears in the form of graphs, tables, or organized in a calendar, with links making it possible to follow the entire security audit trail up to the information details.
Dashboards can help boost profits by providing instantaneous access to key company data, allowing management to react quickly to changing business conditions. Users can monitor?the relevant indicators for their activity in real time and focus on anomalies. In case of an unusual event or level of activity, it takes no longer than a click on the given indicator to move back by successive zoom operations to the detailed information or the original document explaining the result in order to make a well- informed decision.

Within their web browsers, users can:

  • View report metadata
  • View, edit, remove report, section, or block filters
  • Format and resize cells, tables, and charts
  • Recombine report objects and variables in tables and charts
  • Set breaks and sorts
  • ?Insert calculations
  • Add rows and columns to tables
  • ?Create and duplicate tables and charts
  • ?Turn a grid into a chart or a chart into a grid
  • ?Create formulas and variables
  • ?Edit cell formulas in place

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