What’s Your Next Software Automation Play? 

Make automation a core component of your business in 2018.

It’s 2018 and you’re still encumbered by manual processes? Let’s make it a year for change. Automation can easily become an integral part of your business with the right tools and expertise. Sign up now and learn about the many solutions available in our monthly automation webinar series. 

Join us on Thursday, January 18 from 1:00-2:00 PM ET for our webinar.

About This Webinar

People, processes, and technology—these are the things that make your business tick. How can we use technology to optimize processes and empower our people? The answer may lie in automation.

Join our veteran strategic consultant, former business owner and head of SWK Technologies’ Strategic Technology Advisory Team (STAT), Alan Hardy, on Thursday, January 18 at 1 PM EST to learn how to assess your business’s next automation play for the new year.

In the webinar, Alan will cover:

  • The SWK Business Planning Approach — STAT
  • Business Direction Gap Analysis (BDGA)
  • Strategic Business Automation Tools
  • 15-minute Live Q&A with Alan

Make the most of your technology investment and sign up today. As an added bonus, registrants will have an opportunity to sign up for a free strategic meeting with Alan and his team.

About the Series

SWK Technologies recognizes that automation is a core component of our most successful customers’ businesses. For this reason, we hold a monthly automation webinar series each month to educate both our customers and the public on the best automation solutions from our partners.

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