Video Blog – SWK Implements Sage Enterprise Management at Avlon

swk implements sage x3 at avlon industries

SWK Technologies is pleased to showcase our Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) implementation with Avlon Industries, along with Liberty Technology Advisors and Sage North America. Watch the video below.

Avlon Industries is a cosmetic and personal care products manufacturer based in Chicago with global reach. With retail points in 46 countries and 140-plus employees in offices on multiple continents, Avlon has a complex network of operations to oversee on a daily basis. To streamline these active processes, they implemented an Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) solution for process manufacturing with the help of SWK Technologies.

Avlon’s previous software solution would not facilitate their continuous growth and expansion into international markets. According to Jeff Dulin, CFO of Avlon, this previous system “was not very adequate” and required additional modifications and manual data entries whenever a change occurred. They made the decision to contract Liberty Technology Advisors, a business technology solution consulting firm, who advised Avlon to migrate to Enterprise Management and directed them towards SWK to carry this out.

“Avlon as a global company needed a full functioning, global software solution to meet their overall business needs,” said Joel Schneider, President of LTA. The overabundance of manual processes detracted from Avlon’s productivity and value as an international company. LTA saw this and knew that SWK would immediately recognize their needs and implement an Enterprise Management solution that was scaled to the company’s size and scope.

“At SWK, we see ourselves as the orchestrators of these opportunities,” said Andy Nunez, CSO of SWK, who was onsite for the process. “We put ourselves between the customer, the publisher, and the professional project manager to make sure everyone is honest to what the product does and to what the customer ultimately wants.”

SWK Technologies is no stranger to helping its customers succeed. In fact, we delight our customers every single day as a value-added reseller. Our Sage practice is our largest and most robust and with hundreds of successful Sage implementations under our belt, we’d love to help you explore Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3).

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