Trading from Home: Business Resilience Guide eBook

Improving data, security, communications, and productivity for work-from-home brokers and traders.

Do you feel confident in your ability operate in a work from home environment for the next several months (or longer)?

It’s a bold new world – living through hyper-perpetual change, people everywhere have been forced to adjust to digital transformation. Regardless of where you stood before, the pandemic forced us all to look at our tools differently, and exponentially increased the value of data.

For those of you in the Financial Services industry you’re managing trades and assets for your clients, trying to keep up in a world where transactions move at the speed of light. The work from home environment adds new pain points and new risks, especially when it comes to data management, cybersecurity, and compliance with regulations for personal and financial client information.

This in-depth Business Resilience Guide provides valuable insight on how you can be better prepared to face crises and challenges. Download the eBook to learn more about these topics:

Working Remotely: What you need in the office

Working Remotely: What you need at home

On Premise Computing vs. Cloud Application Hosting

Top Business Management Software

HR Technologies: Managing your Workforce Remotely

Cybersecurity Solutions & Liabilities in a Work-from-home Environment

Free Resource Library

& More


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