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Timesheet Management with NetSuite

By August 22, 2013NetSuite

Timesheet Management NetsuiteAn often-overlooked aspect in business is timesheet management. Documentation of time is a deciding factor in how much money you bring in. Time equals money, so in essence nothing says money like time.

It’s is very easy for numbers to get lost, or added wrong, or not stamped incorrectly, but with NetSuite, your employees have everything they need to make life easier. When it comes to timesheet management, you need to make it simple and easy for employees to use. With NetSuite OpenAir, users can quickly and easily capture detailed timesheets, whether in the office or on the road.

Manage Timesheets to Match Your Business Needs

With NetSuite OpenAir, you can:
• Organize timesheet management the way that makes the most sense for your business needs, making it easy for your employees to know what they need to track and where and automate approvals accordingly.

  • Submit timesheets for approval based on your unique business processes or customize the approval process workflow by client and project, routing for line, multi-level or project-based approvals.
  • Create timesheets from scratch or save time by duplicating previously entered timesheets.
  • Track the progress of timesheet management and approvals, including leave tracking and vacation time, putting visibility and control back into the hands of the users.

Online, Offline, or Mobile Timesheet Entry

As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, OpenAir provides users with the ability to enter timesheets and approvals online, anytime, anywhere, using a standard browser and an Internet connection.

With OpenAir Mobile, users can stay connected, even while on the road. Enter timesheets on the go with applications for the iPhone and BlackBerry, or access OpenAir with any PDA or WAP-enabled phone via standard Internet connections.

Coordinate Timesheet Management and Tracking with Projects

With NetSuite OpenAir, you can:

  • Manage timesheets to the level of detail required by each unique project, and your overall business needs and integrate time tracking with OpenAir’s project management module to enable real-time updating of project status and results against key deliverables.
  • Track time, worked by project, phase and/or task and add any notes or descriptions required.
  • Allow time tracking to be distinguished by billable or non-billable time for more expedited project and time billing.

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