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Food & Beverage ERP

Not all food and beverage (F&B) companies are alike. At SWK Technologies, we understand each industry sub-sector of the F&B industry, their unique pain points, and how we can help by implementing transformative food and beverage ERP software. With over 30 years’ experience in software & IT consulting, we stand behind Sage X3 as the top ERP for the Food & Beverage industry.

Sage X3 is a business management software that enables F&B businesses to capture downstream supply chain visibility, ensure compliance with FDA regulations, and offers real-time visibility and traceability across your entire value chain. Sage X3 ERP software for Food & Beverage delivers a faster, easier to use, and more flexible business management solution at a fraction of the cost of typical ERP systems like SAP and Netsuite.

Recipe & Formula Management

Careful formula control is integral to successful food and beverage manufacturers. Preservation of ingredients and precise mixture processing must be ensured to be able to successfully deliver products to market. Sage X3 can accurately manage mixture conditions and yields to provide you with full end-to-end visibility of your production cycle.

Lot, Batch & Serial Tracking and Traceability

Lot and serial traceability enables you to actively monitor the status of your product and chart its course from production to distribution. Sage X3 serves as a F&B inventory software and allows you to control processing, prevent accidental mixtures, and move products on-demand. Potentially hazardous materials can also be more easily identified and tracked down.

Quality Assurance & Food Safety

Sage X3 increases supply chain visibility, traceability, and food safety by helping food & beverage businesses maintain product quality and identify tainted inventory more quickly. It will track ingredient and product conditions from procurement to distribution, enabling supply chains to react quickly in the event of a food recall.

FDA & Regulatory Compliance

With Sage X3, regulatory requirements can be maintained and cross-checked within your food and beverage ERP software system to enable streamlined compliance with government mandates. The solution helps identify non-compliant products and enables you to accurately label packages as required by law, including for potentially hazardous items.

Material Planning

Material resource planning functions in Sage X3 provides you with the ability to precisely manage ingredient levels and plan for future developments. It will monitor current inventories, analyze past trends, and help you forecast for future demand to aid in determining ROI.

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