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Avoid the ERP “Bad Guys” and Find the Ideal Partner

A true ERP partner delivers a great system and remains committed to your success throughout your relationship. An ERP predator on the other hand, will set unreasonable policies, grab as much of your money as possible, and fight you if you try to stand up for yourself.

That’s why your ERP selection process must consider more than functionality—it must also focus on your partner relationship.

How can you tell a partner from a predator? Find out in a new white paper.

Partner or Predator White Paper

In “Partner or Predator?” you’ll learn:

18 telltale signs of an ERP predator

What it really takes to form a lasting ERP partnership

How to identify a true ERP partner

5 signs of an ERP vendor with a positive, stable culture

No-nonsense advice on how to proceed with ERP vendor selection

Choosing a new ERP vendor is often a 10-year commitment, so don’t go into it blindly.

Download your free copy of this white paper today.

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