NetSuite: The Integrated Application to Manage Your Business

By July 26, 2013NetSuite

NetSuite How many systems or applications do you use to run your manufacturing business?

Do you use more than one?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one system that can carry the load of your whole operation?

NetSuite is a complete solution for manufacturing organizations that require inventory management with dynamic replenishment, production planning, warehouse management, financial accounting and costing, customer and partner relationship management, and ecommerce. Whether you’re a true manufacturer, an assemble-to-order business or a distributor with manufacturing requirements, NetSuite lets you manage your entire business with one integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite, delivered on-demand over the Internet. It provides the essential visibility and control of key processes that manufacturers need to compete more effectively in the market.

As a SaaS solution, NetSuite lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating costs for on-premise servers and license fees as well as expenses for site-to-site IT support. NetSuite’s open architecture enables easy system integration with your supply chain. And with anywhere, anytime access to critical data in the cloud, you gain mobile productivity for further cost savings and efficiency.  NetSuite includes specific capabilities for:

  • Demand planning
  • Production planning
  • Production engineering
  • Shop floor control
  • Manufacturing control
  • Cost control
  • Project control
  • Lot and serial control
  • Multi-division / multi-site solutions

Manufacturing Needs

One Complete Solution to Run Your Manufacturing Business

NetSuite helps you manage your entire manufacturing business with one integrated application. With NetSuite, you can:

  • Manufacture products and create assemblies to distribute or sell
  • Create inventory products from raw materials
  • Assemble work orders or assemblies before the sale of the item
  • Determine the cost for an item or assemblies
  • Establish multi-level bills of materials (BOMs) and work orders
  • Support lean manufacturing principles
  • Manage inventory levels to meet appropriate customer SLAs.

Flexible and Extensible Solution

NetSuite allows fast-growing and mid-sized 21st century manufacturing companies to select and deploy only the functionality required and expand their suite capabilities as their business and marketing conditions evolve. NetSuite is easily customized to your unique business needs, and customizations carry over seamlessly with each upgrade to the application.

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