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By October 18, 2013NetSuite

NetsuiteIf you are in the manufacturing business, you already know that cutting production costs and increasing your margin is essential for improved profitability. Sometimes it’s a struggle to figure out what your margins really are. There are so many different aspects that go in to assembling parts, organizing lines, and keeping up with inventory demands. NetSuite is a single application, manufacturing industry software that can assist in getting to know your business better and solving any challenges that you have or may meet down the road.

With NetSuite’s Light Manufacturing Module, organizations can manage the full range of critical manufacturing activities, such as controlling the assembly of products, creating inventory products from raw materials, assembling inventory kits, calculating item costs, and compiling materials lists.

One Application to Run Your Manufacturing Business

NetSuite Light Manufacturing Module lets you manage your manufacturing operation with a single integrated application.

With NetSuite, you can:

  •  Manufacture products and create assemblies to distribute or sell
  •  Build inventory products from raw materials
  •  Assemble inventory kits or assemblies before the sale of the item
  •  Determine the costing and margins for an item or bundle of products
  •  Compile materials lists needed to manufacture an item or items

NetSuite supports your complex needs with:

  •  Multi-location inventory
  •  Work order management
  •  Kits and assemblies
  •  Multiple units of measure
  •  Bin management
  •  Lot tracking
  •  Serialized inventory
  •  Matrix items
  •  Bar coding

Powerful Functionality

NetSuite supports the functionality that’s key to running a light-manufacturing operation, including:

  •  Assembly Management — NetSuite’s assembly-management capabilities enable you to more effectively manage component quantities and multi-level assemblies. Building on NetSuite’s core strength in inventory and warehouse management, NetSuite closely ties assemblies with work orders, allowing multi-level assemblies to be built one level at a time or all at once.
  •  Work Orders — NetSuite’s work-order capabilities allow light manufacturers to readily manage the build process for production work orders, which lets you replenish standing inventory levels of finished goods. Alternatively, you can manage special-order work orders built to exact specifications for a particular customer or particular order.
  •  Bill of Materials (BOM) — NetSuite’s bill-of-materials functionality enables you to cover the components required for a single assembly plus all the components required by a particular work order. Assembly instructions can also be included in the printable BOM in PDF format. Since every build process requires a bill of materials that outlines what components are required to successfully build the finished good, NetSuite tightly couples BOMs with both assemblies and work orders.

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