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The #1 System to Grow on if You’re an Industrial Supply Distributor


It’s pretty obvious that successful industrial supply distribution businesses are the ones that grow, and since you’re here reading this post, you must run a successful industrial supply distribution business yourself. That means you’ve also experienced some of the many challenges that companies in your industry face.

You know which challenges we’re talking about: the growth of clients, inventory, vendors, partners, and staff… all of which lead to increased requirements, responsibilities, and headaches. In truth, sometimes successful growth for an industrial supply distributor can seem like a double-edged sword.

Luckily, NetSuite was created to help. Find out more about NetSuite in today’s post.

What is NetSuite?

NetSuite is a fully integrated, completely up-to-date ERP solution designed to overcome the many growth challenges industrial supply distributors face.

By providing a modern, transparent platform for industrial supply distributors, NetSuite ERP can give your company the ability to streamline back-office operations and eliminate data silos.

Not sure if data siloes and streamlined operations would truly make a difference at your company? Here’s an easy way to tell: If your distribution business often needs to run at top speed and also must ensure consistent accuracy, these two key capabilities in NetSuite will be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Sorry to Break This Bad News About Your Business…

Your company has been growing, changing, and adapting since it first opened for business. Since then, you’ve been adding systems, collecting and storing pertinent data on clients and suppliers, modernizing and updating operations, and, of course, doing an incredible job with customer service. (That’s why you’re so successful!)

Over the years, you’ve increased the number of systems, add-ons, and manual workarounds you use to help you create a more profitable business model, but as time has moved forward, all of these additional job and system requirements have overcomplicated your business processes and isolated your data.

Sorry to break the news, but, at this point, your additional systems and workarounds are wasting your staff’s time and energy, as well as wasting your company’s money.

It’s time for a change.

…But There Is a Solution

If you’re ready to start taking back your business’s time and money, you should seriously consider modernizing your distribution systems.

These days, modernization of your company’s operations and systems is no longer simply a good suggestion for industrial supply distributors that want to “keep up with the competition.” Instead, modernization brings critical streamlining possibilities that are required for continued survival in the modern business landscape.

It’s time to advance your business to the next level. If you want to be able to take advantage of new global opportunities and pull ahead of your competitors, NetSuite can be the key you need to streamline your slow and cumbersome back-office processes and modernize your outdated technology.

NetSuite and the Industrial Supply Distributor

Front-office or back-office operations, financial or inventory management, it’s all your business – every task you must complete contributes to the success or failure of your company.

Since that means you need to accomplish all tasks with high speed and rock-solid accuracy, it only makes sense that you would need all information concerning all the different parts of your business to be readily available in real-time, all in a single source.

To get you that real-time, single-source view, NetSuite destroys the old, outdated data silos that have slowed the growth of your company. With NetSuite, you can get end-to-end visibility and end-to-end productivity.

NetSuite Distribution Edition Key Offerings

Plus, in addition to the world-class financial management and inventory management capabilities you’d expect from a modern distribution ERP, NetSuite also provides you with:

  • Demand Planning

In a perfect world, your distribution business would always know in advance exactly how much inventory you required at all times, so you could purchase precisely as much as you needed and keep your stock levels 100% optimized. Unfortunately, that’s not how business works in the real world.

Fortunately, NetSuite can get you close to your perfect, ideal inventory needs with built-in capabilities that predict your needed inventory based on historical demand or sales forecasts. With NetSuite, you’ll have the information you need to make smart, data-driven decisions, avoid stock-outs, and maintain business continuity.

  • Procurement Tools

No one likes to fill out paperwork. It’s a waste of time and all it seems to do is create obstacles that invariably slow down your operations. With NetSuite procurement tools, you’ll gain the ability to automate as much or as little of that tedious paperwork process as you like. (Yeah, we just said you’ll have a lot less paperwork to do. Hooray!)

Plus, with NetSuite’s easy-to-use workflows, you’ll also have the freedom to speed up your operations exponentially and potentially eliminate bottlenecks.

  • Supply Chain Management

Unexpected supply chain complications can cause problems with your timing and revenues, and may even push your customers’ patience to the limit.

Happily, NetSuite’s flexible supply chain management functionality helps you troubleshoot potential supply chain catastrophes with ease, so you never have to worry about becoming known as the weak link in your supply chain.

These features combine with the many others NetSuite brings to your business, supplying you with the all-encompassing insight and management capabilities your company needs to plan for many, many more years of success.

Grow Your Industrial Supply Distribution Company into the Future

Every business owner wishes they knew what the future of their industry would bring, but the most successful business owners don’t simply stop at wishing. To create your own successful path, you’ll need to plan and design the success you seek in your industry.

Learn how NetSuite is designed to help industrial supply distributors like you achieve high levels of success with committed business support every step of the way: top to bottom and beginning to end.


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