NetSuite: Customer Relationship Management

By March 12, 2013NetSuite

In our last NetSuite blog we started to discuss the three components of NetSuite that make up this powerful and diverse application: NetSuite ERP, NetSuite CRM and NetSuite ecommerce.

NetSuite ERP, as discussed previously, will bring down IT cost, improve accounting efficiency and improve employee productivity.

With our next NetSuite article, we will conclude this mini-series detailing the last component, NetSuite ecommerce.

This article will move on to detail another component of NetSuite, NetSuite CRM.  This CRM goes beyond other traditional CRM’s and provides a customer-centric to manage all current and future relationships.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

NetSuite integrates all of your customer-focused activities, from contact-to-contract-to-cash.  With NetSuite, you have a powerful, easy-to-use tool to manage your sales processes, customer service, marketing activities and partner programs.

Unlike competing products, NetSuite is the only hosted CRM solution with integrated order management—meaning you can actually create quotes and orders from within the application.  NetSuite is also first to integrate CRM with real-time commissions management, which motivates your sales team with weekly, monthly and quarterly projections.

And with one complete view of your customer, NetSuite allows you to close sales faster, upsell existing customers and deliver better customer service. Your marketing campaigns can better target customers with promotions based on purchase histories, your sales team can recommend new products or services, and customer support can offer better service by reviewing and responding to past support issues.

In addition, NetSuite seamlessly ties together CRM with accounting, warehousing and shipping applications to support your entire sales process. As a result, your departments can work collaboratively to serve customers better, increase customer satisfaction, and boost retention rates and repeat business.

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