NetSuite For Consumer Trends In Retail

By November 11, 2013NetSuite

Retail Management Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever. When they interact with a retailer, they’re making less distinction between brick-and-mortar stores and online, catalog or telephone shopping. They want to shop whenever and however they please through any channel — without sacrificing choice, convenience or cost. Getting your multi-channel strategy right can deliver substantial and tangible results for your retail business.

The NetSuite Multi-Channel Retail Management Suite is the first and only on-demand soft- ware suite to link every step of a multi-channel, multi-location retail business — from e-commerce and order management to marketing, inventory and financials. Only NetSuite gives you real-time visibility into your entire retail operation, accessible from anywhere at any time. With NetSuite, you get a single view of the customer across all channels, ensuring that the order, inventory, and financial information you have is always up to date.

Multi-Channel Retail Management Suite

The NetSuite Multi-Channel Retail Management Suite is the most comprehensive on-demand solution for retail businesses, providing:

  • A single application to manage your entire retail business
  • Seamlessly support multiple locations and multiple channels
  • Integration with point-of-sale (POS) systems
  • Powerful e-commerce capabilities integrated with your other channels
  • Single view of the customer across all channels
  • Real-time visibility across your business with customizable dashboards
  • Deep inventory, purchasing and order-management functionality
  • Superior marketing tools for retail companies
  • Best-in-class accounting and financials
  • Easy customization for your specific retail requirements
  • Far lower cost than on-premise retail systems

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