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Real-Time Dashboards, Reporting, Analytics and Planning

netsuiteNetSuite delivers built-in, real-time role-based dashboards, reporting and analytics enabling your sales, marketing and service teams to monitor personalized key performance indicators (KPIs) and access the latest reports as part of their everyday activities. And with NetSuite, they can diagnose issues on the fly with drill-down visibility to the sales opportunity, customer record or sales quote detail to quickly take action and drive results.

  • KPI scorecards enable continuous sales performance measurement
  • Sales teams get instant access to key measures such as achieved versus quota, actual versus sales forecast, ?sales pipeline by stage, percent of net new customers versus those up-sold, commissions and more
  • Service teams can quickly monitor key metrics on call resolution times, customer satisfaction and ?renewals, call volumes and trends, and more
  • Marketing teams get instant lead-to-close metrics, number of website unique visitors, lead- ?generation trends, customer acquisition costs and more
  • Self-service reporting ensures everyone can create their own reports and manage their performance

Flexible Customization Using SuiteCloud Platform

  • NetSuite provides limitless cloud customization to adapt to business change, including sophisticated forms management, graphical workflow management, scripting, web services and more. Businesses that run NetSuite can customize

with confidence, as all customizations automatically migrate with every new NetSuite release.

Graphical Workflow Management and Approval

  • With SuiteFlow, part of the SuiteCloud Platform, power users can quickly create point-and-click, rules-based workflows that automate and streamline business processes—such as creating rules- based lead nurturing, sales order approval chains, travel approval workflows and more.

Advanced Cloud Customization

  • SuiteTalk and SuiteScript, part of the SuiteCloud Platform, provide comprehensive web services and procedural logic to support integration and custom business logic, enabling global businesses to weave NetSuite into internal and external systems, and tailor it to support specific business processes.

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