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By September 20, 2013NetSuite

Netsuite CRM +NetSuite CRM+ is a powerful application that can integrate with your already existent ERP investments.  The bottom line is that NetSuite gives you options and capability.  With mobile access, you can work anywhere at anytime, giving you the freedom to manage your business at your own convenience.  With powerful sales force automation, your employees are given fast and accurate information to help close deals and contribute to the overall health of your company.

Powerful Sales Force Automation

NetSuite CRM+ provides the sales team with an accurate record of each opportunity and its status, a complete view of the prospect and real-time access to every detail.

  • Enables the sales team to manage opportunities across status, potential revenue, key contacts, notes, related documents and more
  • Provides sales managers with a complete view of all leads and opportunities in the pipeline
  • Comprehensive contact and activity management ensures sales has the tools needed to capture ?detailed records of all interactions—calls, meetings, notes, email and more
  • Enables the sales team to convert opportunities into quotes and then sales orders with one click
  • Team selling enables tracking of multiple sales roles in each opportunity, including sales reps and ?managers, sales engineers and specialists
  • Document management functionality enables businesses to build and maintain a sales portal with ?the latest materials, sales guides and product information ?

Anytime, Anywhere Mobile Access

NetSuite’s comprehensive support for mobile devices—iPhone, BlackBerry or Android (provided by both NetSuite and NetSuite SuiteCloud partners)—ensures that your sales users get real-time access to the business information they need.

  • Access the latest business reports and business metrics
  • Manage calendar information and accept/decline meetings
  • See customer and opportunity details ?

 Integration with Leading Social and Productivity Tools ?

NetSuite integrates with standard social solutions such as Yammer and Qontext using its SuiteSocial platform, improving collaboration and overall sales productivity. In addition, NetSuite integrates with leading email and productivity tools such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Apps.

  • SuiteSocial integration with Yammer and Qontext supports Twitter- like cross departmental collaboration around opportunities, orders and other transactions
  • Microsoft Outlook integration supports calendar and contact synchronization
  • Google Apps integration (via Celigo) supports calendar synchronization and contextual access of NetSuite information from within Gmail

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