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Learn Enterprise Management Tricks for Free

By October 2, 2014Sage X3

Who do you turn to when you need help with your Enterprise Management system?

Perhaps you know a friendly someone in your company who is always glad to help answer tricky computer program questions. Perhaps you call SWK Tech’s Help Desk when you have a problem. However, what do you do on those days that you just can’t remember how to do something you’ve already learned? Today’s post recommends a great resource you can use to figure out the answers to your routine Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) questions.

Where can I get Enterprise Management help for free?

There are a lot of great resources online for Sage ERP software help. If you google “Enterprise Management help”, you’ll have access to 532,000 webpages—one of which must have the information you seek.

However, not all of those sites hold legitimate information, not all of them reference up-to-date versions, and not all of them are from knowledgeable sources. If you want the right information, in helpful video format from a great source, try going to Sage’s Enterprise Management YouTube channel.

What does the YouTube channel contain?

The YouTube channel contains 27 brief videos to walk you through routine Enterprise Management functions. Need help navigating the desktop and portals? There’s a video for that. Want to know how to enter 1099 beginning balances? Yup, there’s a video for that too.

With only 27 videos uploaded, there’s no guarantee that your exact query will be covered in this playlist, but the Enterprise Management YouTube channel is a great first place to look for the information you need. Check it out!

Contact the Enterprise Management experts for more help

Need more information than a short training video can provide? SWK Technologies’ Help Desk offers targeted assistance to help you solve any Enterprise Management problem. And we mean any problem. Click the button below to learn more about Help Desk services or to ask for help.

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